A bikers essential guide to motorcycle helmets

Of all the bits and pieces that make up a bikers riding gear, it is safe to say there is no piece of equipment more vital than a biking helmet. There are many health and safety aspects to take into consideration when riding, but protecting a riders head is one of the most important.

Although battle and military helmets have existed for

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Harley-Davidson exits the sidecar business

440902765 Harley Davidson exits the sidecar business
Stars and Stripes. Peanut butter and jelly. Harley-Davidson and sidecars. Okay, fine – one of those pairings is not like the others, but H-D does have a long history of adding a third outrigger wheel to its line of heavyweight motorcycles, starting back in 1914. That’s over now.
Harley-Davidson just announced that 2011 will be the final year it

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Where to look for used dump trucks for sale

Taking out some time and doing a thorough search should help locating used dump trucks for sale to meet the business requirement. Researching should allow you to understand about the different types of trucks that are available in the market. This will further help making the right business decision while purchasing used dump truck. Searching for

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Dump Trucks

If you’d like to convoy different sorts of loose matter as an example sand, mud or gravel, fundamentally material which is utilized for construction, the only possible way to go is by utilizing dump wagons. The dump wagons can be utilised for collection of rubbish besides all construction materials. These dump lorries have what you call dump lifts

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2011 Toyota 4Runner: Four-Cylinder Engine Dropped, Again

1753163686 2011 Toyota 4Runner: Four Cylinder Engine Dropped, Again

2010 Toyota 4Runner

Toyota has revealed prices and information for the 2011 4Runner. While the model, which was completely redesigned for 2010, carries into 2011 with no significant changes, notably absent from the lineup is the base four-cylinder model.

Four-cylinder 4Runners were very rare, and it’s possible Toyota was a bit embarrassed by the

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MR S body kits – for sizzling style Louie Liu

There is an elegance in sweeping people off their feet without moving a limb yourself. When you reach a place, stop the car, step out and hand the key for valet parking, if the car looks stunning you have very quietly made a very big impact.

Now it is up to you how you can keep up the impact. Because even the most modern of cars loses its

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Challenger body kits impart a touch of your choice to the car’s exterior styling Louie Liu

Car manufacturers adopt different strategies to meet the challenge of their competitors. When the competitors were laying emphasis on muscle power to promote their cars, Dodge preferred to give their customers a luxurious driving experience. The car thus designed was 2010 Dodge Challenger, a large sport coupe. It is a bigger and heavier vehicle

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Classic Car Models That Created A Legacy

Classy, fast, gas guzzlers, sleek – these are the best words to describe classic cars. They possess rarity, beauty and great engineering, which is what makes these cars so captivating. In addition, they are known for their history and for the memories they evoke.

Classic cars are those that were produced as late as the 70s. They were built with

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Custom Built Automation Design | Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Development Bangalore

Started in 1994 by Mr. K. V Aithal, an expert in process-oriented industries in the field of electronic, electrical and high precision mechanical components manufacturing, VPS Technics and Trades strives for excellence in the automation field.

We ventured in the field by marketing process chemicals of M/s NGL Cleaning Technology Sa. Switzerland

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First Drive: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze sails into new era of small cardom

1149249962 First Drive: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze sails into new era of small cardom

Until now, General Motors hasn’t exactly taken the small-car market seriously. While Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and Kia have built their empires on the hoods of pint-sized, fuel-efficient transportation, history has shown the captains of Detroit tend to offer up parts-bin afterthoughts. Cars like the Chevrolet Cavalier and Cobalt have left

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