Vehicle Tracking System: From Insurers’ Perspective!

Owners of expensive automobiles such as Ferraris, Porches and Bentleys are now relying on vehicle tracking systems to protect their assets. The main reason is, most insurance companies are now either enforcing it as a mandatory obligation to install a tracking system inside the vehicle or they charge too high for the premium that it becomes a

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German Luxury Brands Are Putting On The Blitz

The global economy is giving mixed signals right now. On the thumbs-down side, unstable unemployment numbers and see-saw stock markets. On the upside, job creation, the return of venture capital, and slowly increasing GDPs (at least in most parts of the world). In the auto industry, GM and Chrysler continue to recover from their losses over the

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These products are very creative and have delicate designs

Visitors to the National Palace Museum (NPM) are crowded into a museum gift shop in search of “treasures.” A woman examines a design key chains initially imitating the Ching dynasty famous “Jadeite Cabbage with Insects,” but then turns his attention to the silk bed linen printed with the famous painting “Along the River during the Ching Ming

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Car Rental

The cars rental service providers offer you a series of choices such as Tavera, Qualis, Sumo, and Tempo Travelers, etc. from where you can pick up the best car that suits your style and pocket. Apart from the multi-utility, high capacity vehicles that are most commonly hired by tourists and travelers, there are also offered some corporate cars

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Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is a serious ailment that makes life miserable. To take care of our back is very important because it enables us to stand upright and ongoing pain in our back does not let us move or stand comfortably. Not only this, we find us incapable of doing our daily routine work.

Fortunately, by keeping few things in our mind we can keep back pain

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Will consumers pay a premium for fuel economy and utility?

How much are buyers willing to pay for better fuel economy?


Ford is touting the fuel economy in the redesigned 2011 Ford Explorer. For buyers that choose the new EcoBoost 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, at least a 30 percent increase in fuel economy is promised by Ford. Ford is still tinkering with the engine’s calibration and won’t

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Australia launching ‘Cash For Clunkers’ modeled on U.S. program?

1742962315 Australia launching Cash For Clunkers modeled on U.S. program?

Australia’s recently seated prime minister, Julia Gillard, is just now talking about a “cash for clunkers’ program when most other countries ended theirs ages ago. Yet for Gillard, the program isn’t about stimulating car sales but rather about stimulating the Earth: Gillard wants to get about ten percent of Oz’s two million pre-1995 vehicles off

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RV Solar Panels – More Fun For All Ages

If you love traveling, you could already have invested in a recreation vehicle (RV). Are you aware that you will find solar electric power solutions for your RV too? You can transform it into a solar machine that gives you the electric power you should have even in remote locations using RV solar panels.

Solar panel for RV, mobile solar power kits

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Taking a Shower in a Small RV

Now the quick witted among you might respond that you can clean your ears with a small caliber pistol too, but why? The answer to this question is amazingly complex (no not the pistol question). There are a wide range of reasons to shower in your Rialta and of course we’ll list but a few. You might be dirty and there is no handy shower available.

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ASX leads Mitsu model mania

MITSUBISHI plans to more than double its record first-half sales results in Australia this year by introducing its all-new ASX, additional Lancer, Outlander and Triton variants plus a revised Colt in coming months.

The resurgent Japanese brand’s sales are up 20 per cent in Australia so far this year, with 32,372 sales representing the

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