2011 Nissan NJ news: Prepare for new Nissan performance line

Within the luxury car market, there is a serious shot at conquest. All of the luxury brands are vying for it, and 2011 NJ Nissan dealers are shooting for the stars with new additions to their Infiniti luxury brand. We all know the role that performance plays in the decision to buy a new car, and even Infinitis most powerful cars cant compete with the performance lines of BMW, Mercedes and the like. Just upping the ante a little bit can help establish even better competition for the Infiniti brand among a bunch of well established luxury autos. And the announcement of a new performance line coming under the Infiniti brand is surely a step in the right direction for the struggling company. Not that Nissan itself is struggling, and neither is the Infiniti line of cars. It just hasnt exactly secured the niche in the luxury market that Infiniti enthusiasts were hoping for, and there is certainly plenty of room to overtake some of the more prominent brands. Your NJ used car dealer definitely understands the value of the Infiniti brand.

Other smaller luxury brands havent taken too many steps in the right direction yet. Take Lexus, for instance, who recently launched its IF-S, which was one of its first performance models. Unfortunately, that is about all weve seen in terms of performance cars out of the brand, and your 2011 NJ Nissan dealer seems to be sitting pretty in the melee of luxury brands. The first performance model to enter the Infiniti lineup will be the new G Coupe, a car based on the G37s platform. Im pretty excited about it personally, considering the G37 is one of my favorite Infiniti vehicles. The new car will pump out a whopping 348 hp, utilizing a 3.7 liter V6 to get the job done. While these numbers dont quite match up to what were seeing in other luxury brands and their performance cars, it is certainly a step in the right direction and a vote of confidence that your NJ used car dealer will be selling quite a few Infiniti cars in the coming years.

The recent press release put out by Infiniti put things in perspective for 2011 Nissan NJ dealers. According to the recent press release, The Infiniti Performance Line, or IPL, will focus not just on engine power and acceleration, but also on redefining total vehicle performance. IPL promises unique driving attributes with exclusive designs, different from other Infiniti models in each selected Infiniti line. IPL was conceived to create a new premium performance envelope, going beyond equipment upgrades to accelerate the very soul of Infiniti’s Inspired Performance, said Infiniti Vice President Ben Poore. Your NJ used car dealer is very inspired by the new push into the market and hopes to see its brand making some serious waves in the coming months.

In terms of innovation, Nissan is definitely placing itself at the forefront of the industry. Infiniti is starting to get legs and the consumer driving public is noticing.

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