ATV Gear – Rev Up Your ATV Adventure With Equipment and Accessories

ATV owners often enhance and safeguard their riding adventures with ATV accessories. ATV equipment such as safety gear, storing and hauling equipment and protective clothing help ensure an enjoyable ride and enable riders to handle unexpected situations.

ATV storage equipment

When you’re getting ready to store your ATV for the winter or a long period, it’s important to have the right ATV storage equipment. Proper storage prevents damage to the vehicle and facilitates quick preparation of your ATV for the next season.

Always store your ATV inside a garage or shed to keep the natural elements from damaging it. Use cinder blocks to keep it above the ground to keep the tires from cracking in cold weather. Securely cover it with a durable tarp and bungee cords. Keep a can of auto wax underneath the tarp to repel animals, which don’t like the smell. If space is an issue, store the ATV on an above-ground rack.

ATV protective gear

Perhaps the most important type of ATV gear includes a protective helmet and clothing. A helmet is required by law in many states. Even if a helmet isn’t required by law in your state, you should still wear a durable helmet with padding and a full face mask or goggles. You should also wear gloves, pants, a long-sleeve shirt, boots, elbow and knee pads and a chest protector. If all these ATV clothing accessories fit properly, they will not affect your range of motion as you ride.

ATV safety kit equipment

Always carry a safety kit. Even if you are only a short distance from home or plan on riding for a short time, a safety kit will keep you prepared for emergencies. A basic ATV safety kit includes a compass, signal whistle, multi-tool with a knife, trail mix, water bottle, first aid kit and a map or GPS. Your safety kit will come in handy if you become lost or stranded, or if an accompanying friend or family member gets injured.

ATV hauling equipment

If you want to transport your ATV to a trail or take it on vacation, reliable hauling equipment will help you arrive safely. You have two options for hauling your ATV:

1. Hook a trailer to your car or truck and secure the ATV with ratchet straps, or

2. Install a truck cover over the bed of your truck, use a ramp to roll your ATV on top and use ratchet straps to secure it.

ATV safety accessories

Many ATV accessories that enhance safety features are available. For example, you can decrease the chances of unintentionally hitting the accelerator and causing the ATV to lurch forward by attaching a throttle guard. Another ATV accessory is a winch, which is a cable used to pull a stuck ATV out of the mud. These and other ATV accessories are great options for any rider, regardless of experience level.

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