ATV Safety For Kids – Keep Your Child Safe With These Tips

All-Terrain Vehicles, otherwise known as ATVs, have grown in popularity among kids over the past few years. Youth ATV riding is a fun, adventurous, recreational activity that kids of all ages can enjoy with proper gear and training. The following ATV safety tips for kids will help your child learn proper ATV operation.

Know your state’s ATV riding laws.

The laws regarding youth ATV riding differ among all 50 states. Check with your state to find out the legal riding age, riding regulations including legal locations and riding times, and how to register your ATV.

Purchase an appropriately-sized youth ATV.

ATVs are manufactured in all sizes to accommodate a range of weights and heights, starting with toddlers as young as two. Youth ATVs are lightweight, battery-powered and will help children become accustomed to maneuvering a vehicle. As children grow and gain knowledge, skills and confidence, they can start riding larger youth ATVs and eventually move on to adult-size.

Enroll your child in an ATV safety course.

An ATV riding course can teach you and your child appropriate ATV safety, including proper operation and maneuvering. You can find ATV safety courses online or in your community. Knowing the correct way to handle an ATV could prepare children for any type of terrain and help them avoid problems, such as rollovers and accidents.

Outfit your child in protective ATV clothing for kids.

Your child should always wear protective clothing and gear for ATV safety, whether he or she is in the backyard or on a trail. Along with a helmet and full-face mask, your child should wear a long-sleeve shirt, boots, gloves, pants, knee pads and a jacket or vest. All protective gear should fit properly.

Make sure your child rides in a group.

One of the most important ATV safety rules is to never ride alone. Your child should always be accompanied by an experienced adult. For added security, one adult should lead and another should follow. Even if your child is driving circles in the backyard, make sure he or she is supervised.

Teach your child to stay on appropriate terrain and trails.

ATVs are made to be driven on rough terrain and back roads. The wheels of the ATV adjust to constantly-changing surfaces; they don’t spin steadily like a car’s. For this reason, many communities have specially-designated trails for ATV riders that help them avoid joggers, bikers and others who are also enjoying the outdoors. Be sure to always obey your community’s guidelines and stay on surfaces that are appropriate for an ATV.

Instruct your child to drive without passengers.

ATVs are designed to carry one rider; be sure your child understands this. Your child should never carry a passenger because the misplaced weight can cause the ATV to be off balance.

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