Bentley to shorten product cycles, focus on performance

1574074983 Bentley to shorten product cycles, focus on performance

Nobody actually needs image and fashion statements like Bentleys,and Rolls-Royces, but those who choose to buy them anyway naturally want to have the latest and greatest. And we don’t blame them. As such, Bentley reportedly wants to get on a schedule of introducing a new model at least every 18 months, if not sooner. Expect to see further variations on existing models like the Continental SuperSports coupe and convertible in lieu of completely new platforms.

The rapid turnover of model variants goes hand-in-hand with Bentley’s ongoing migration back to performance-oriented luxury and away from the more staid approach that took precedence under Rolls-Royce ownership. Ever since Bentley and Rolls were split up and sold to Volkswagen and BMW respectively, the two brands have developed distinctly different character traits, and you can expect that pattern to continue.

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