Beware of Car Shipping and Auto Transport Fraud Websites

Are you planning on visiting the web to log on to some shipping sites? You should be very cautious nowadays because there are actually hundreds of scammers online that uses the auto transport business as a tool. The usual scenario involves unreal and non-existing company with a website. An individual who is surveying the available service online will definitely look into many websites to check out on quotes, making them a prospect for the scam.

This is how these scams usually work: a website done by expert scammer will fake a legitimate proof that they actually exist. They have a very good strategy drawing attention from the people, they usually give affordable offers. An instruction is given for the payment transaction. The client will usually settle with them due to the cheap and good deals. However, once the client pays for the shipping quote, the so-called “company” will never show up to offer the service in return.

However, if you are careful enough and you have the general knowledge on how these things works, you might be able to prevent these situations. There are several ways on how to avoid frauds in the internet; here are some hints to remember when you are planning on transaction via online.

1. Avoid wire transfer for the payment transactions. The very basic regulations of real and legitimate car shipping companies are to use any payment method that will not jeopardize the client’s financial privacy. One good example of this is through the use of credit cards.

2. Most websites that re not legitimate are created in haste that they have multiple faults in their websites such as grammatical errors and typographical errors. Be careful to scrutinize each website you visit, do not trust those that have so many flaws, most of these are actually scammers who are not experts enough to build a network of sites.

3. Another warning sign for a scam sites is that their address do not usually match with the websites name. If you notice anything like this, it is better to proceed to other sites that have low risk of fraud.

4. Most shipping companies provide numbers as hotlines for clients with questions and needs interaction with the company, these numbers are usually listed below the site. Copy those numbers and try calling them, if do not ring or addressed as a wrong number, the site might be illegitimate.

5. Car companies have references that will prove their legitimacy of their company. However, if a site will not provide you any references, this is most likely a fraud.

6. To be more careful than ever, try to find those popular companies that offer quality service to people that you might have known already. Their feedbacks will serve as proof that they are purely legitimate.

These few essential tips will surely guide you on your search for the good shipping company that you can entrust your money and vehicle with.

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