Car insurance: Over 50 car insurance advantages

Over 50 car insurance

It has been observed that older drivers tend to have a more mature approach towards driving than new drivers. Car insurance companies are more and more eager to target drivers aged 50 plus or those that have retired as older drivers are more experience, fewer accidents and more consistent. We can say older drivers are present less of a risk. This means the over 50s are less likely to make a claim, therefore saving the insurer money.

Recent studies on car insurance deals. While it is great news for those aged 50 – 70, once you reach your 70th birthday it’s possible that you will see a major change in your premium. The average increase is 33 per cent as insurers put premiums to cover the higher probability of accidents in this age group. So it’s really essential that you save money in this ‘golden’ period of your life.

Why choose The Co-operative Insurance?

If you are over 50, you want more than just competitive car insurance quotes and due to this comprehensive car insurance policy is packed full of benefits tailored especially for you. As providers of car insurance for the over 50s we could help you pay less.

50 plus car insurance includes:

Lower premiums It has been noticed that over 50s have very less accidents and lower mileage, so premiums are able to reflect.
Great discounts Up to 70% No Claim Discount, named drivers earn their own No Claim Discount plus a further guaranteed discount when you take out your car insurance online.
Instant cover Buying insurance today and your car insurance cover starts straight away.
European covers – For up to 8 days at no additional cost and at the same level of cover that you would receive within the UK.
Security Keeping your personal information secure and confidential is important to us. To look after all customers we use a range of strict security measures including the latest encryption technology. So you can be rest guaranteed you details are in safe hands.

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