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Betrayed By Its Own Auditors, Opel Turns Into European Tar Baby

Opel’s Nick Reilly is casting worried glances towards Berlin and Brussels. What he hears from there makes him double his Maalox dosage. Or pop some local Rennies, if the heartburn meds are in short supply at the Apotheke in Rsselsheim. Which they undoubtedly are. Nobody wants to help Reilly. Berlin doesn’t want to. Brussels doesn’t want to. Even

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Will The “Absolute Priority Rule” Kill The Sale?

1656207967 Will The Absolute Priority Rule Kill The Sale?

Well, the initial pleadings have been filed. Chrysler’s argument is essentially that it’s a “dead man walking.” In itsopening memorandum of law in support of itsmotion to approve the sale, Chrysler argues that if the “sale” doesn’t close on the accelerated timetable proposed, it will wither on the vine,

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