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Getting Pulled Over By Police

Nothing hurts our pride more than getting stopped by a police officer. The funny thing about
getting pulled over by police officers is that most of us, without even having to ask, already know
and are fully aware of what our offense is before the police officer even opens up his or her mouth
to speak.

Some people would innocently ask what it

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Drive Responsibly And Take The Guesswork Out Of Driving

Driving responsibly means taking the guesswork out of driving all together. If a traffic light is
yellow, your driver’s education reminds you that this is an indication that you should slow down,
right? Red lights mean that you should come to a complete stop. If a pedestrian is waiting to cross
the road, and it is clear around you, you should

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Driving Kids

How often have you driven down the road and witnessed a mother or father driving a minivan while
half of their body is turned in their seat in the opposite direction of where their eyes should be
focused? A few weeks ago, I sat at a stoplight and watched as a middle-aged woman almost drove her
van full of bouncy children right through a stop

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Child Safety While Driving

With newborn children, parents naturally want to make sure that they are always ok. Therefore, it
is not uncommon to see a parent constantly turning around and/or glancing in their rear view mirror
to ensure their child’s safety. However, this is not always such a good idea to engage in behavior
such as this. For the first and more obvious reason,

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Road Rage Can Be Dangerous To You

Whether you are in a rush and are driving behind someone who is driving way too slow for you; or
whether you’ve just been majorly cut off in traffic by someone to the point where it caused you to
slam on your brakes, spilling coffe all over you…The one way NOT to deal with road rage is to get
angry. Instead, try to deal with it in other ways.

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Open Containers In Cars

Since I wasn’t really a “drinker”, this quickly translated into me being the
designated driver. After I had made my rounds to pick up all of my friends in my Jeep, one of the
friends of my friend announced that the “party was getting an early start”. I quickly
glanced around to see her whipping a bottle of liquor out of

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Florida Online Advanced Driver Improvement Course-An Easy Way To Regain Your Suspended License

Is your License suspended or revoked and have been ordered by the state or courts to complete
12 Hour ADI traffic school course due to being high risk drivers and/or having multiple traffic
offenses then you need to take Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) Course . Advanced Driver
Improvement Course is specifically designed for Florida

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Become A Driving Instructor

Okay… so you have seen the ads on the television showing you how that’s on becoming a driving
instructor you will be striving forward in a bountiful industry where large earnings are more than
capable of being achieved, but is the reality the same as the advertisements portray.

Well I suppose the first hurdle that one has to overcome is the

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Maintaining Your Car

Contrary to popular belief, it is not that difficult to maintain your vehicle. For example,
something as simple as an oil change is easy enough to remember because most times when you have
your oil changed, a reminder sticker is placed inside of your vehicle along the top left side of the

Other things that you have to keep in mind

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Using Your Turn Signal

Not using your turn signals is one of my biggest (if not my biggest) pet peeve when it comes to
driving. It seems to me that if turn signals were installed into every single vehicle, that we
should be using them more often than we actually do, right?

Lately, I have made a game out of figuring out whether someone will use their turn signal or

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