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When A Motorcycle Clutch Fails

Unlike most passenger cars, most motorcycles are operated by a manual transmission. A motorcyclist is generally responsible for choosing the right gear to get the best performance out of their engine. Being able to operate the transmission is crucial to the safety of a rider and the performance of a bike. If a rider cannot put their bike in gear,

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Motorcycle Boots – Find Out How to Chose the Perfect Pair

They say the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, and motorcycles are a perfect example of this. Yes, many men and women love their cars and their motorcycles, but for the most part, their car is a shared commodity, while their motorbike is theirs and theirs alone. Given this extraordinary relationship between man and

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Defective Clutch Components

Total control is one of the signature selling points of any motorcycle. The connection between the rider, their bike, and the road is one of the most engaging parts of motorcycle culture. The manual transmission is an important part of that involvement and control. A rider must make second by second decisions that directly affect how their bike is

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Top 3 Reasons To Buy Chain Wallets Matt LeClair

Are you tired of constantly loosing your wallet? Worried about someone stealing your personal belongings, money, and anything else that you normally keep on you? Now you can protect the things that mean the most to you when you use chain wallets. Here are the top 3 reasons why you would want to buy a chain wallet for yourself.

1. Keep Your

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Bajaj to approach 2011 with KTM Duke 125 and a new variant of Pulsar kaluran

Bajaj unveils to launch KTM Duke 125 in early months of the approaching year. The ever first display of the belligerent bike took place recently at the International Bike Show, the Milan. The new bike with its sporty and aggressive looks is sure to impress the ones coming its way.

The alluring bike is said to be equipped with an engine capacity

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Benefits Of A 150cc Gas Scooter

Fuel consumption and its rising prices are issues which plague the current generation constantly. If fuel consumption is your main concern then a 150cc gas scooter might be the perfect choice for you. Commuters and students like find it far more convenient to travel around on a scooter rather than drive heavy four wheelers. A scooter is smaller

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Survival Guide For A Beginner Motorcyclist

The first six months of riding a motorcycle is particularly dangerous. If you have just begun riding a motorcycle you are statistically more likely to crash compare to those who have been riding for some time. Ideally,after taking a beginner’s motorcycle riding course, you need to practice riding as much as you can and take a refresher course at

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Quality Motorcycle Jackets At A Reasonable Price

Motorcycle jackets aren’t only made to seem stylish, they possess several lives sparing features built-in to them. Namely at least the ones that are produced for sport motorcycles. Just about all your stereotypical leather jackets like what Fonzie usually wore do not provide a lot of real protection in an impact. All the same they do offer

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Car insurance: Over 50 car insurance advantages

Over 50 car insurance

It has been observed that older drivers tend to have a more mature approach towards driving than new drivers. Car insurance companies are more and more eager to target drivers aged 50 plus or those that have retired as older drivers are more experience, fewer accidents and more consistent. We can say older drivers are

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Regular tune ups to your engine can help to ensure that your car is performing properly. During a full engine tune up the mechanic will look at your air filter, spark plugs, distributor cap, fuel filter and other essential engine parts. This can be included as part of your annual service that will also look at other areas such as your brakes,

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