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Aftermarket Vs OEM Ford Car Parts

What are aftermarket parts?

Any part that needs replacing on your Ford that is not directly sourced from Ford Motor Company are classed as aftermarket parts. These parts will not void the warranty on your car if they are direct replacements as they are designed to function the same as OEM parts.


Price – You can save money by purchasing

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Perfect Diagnostic Tools For Your OPEL

The car models of OPEL are named after their founder Adam Opel, which are highly recommended for their good performance. For a better maintenance of your OPEL, you can get yourself some perfect diagnostic tools.

In this case, TECH2 is your best choice. As it is the factory tester that U.S. General Motors offers to his authorized service station for

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Basic Car Maintenance Schedule – 10 Most Important Maintenance Routines For Your Car

Everyone should follow a basic car maintenance schedule. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but his car isn’t far behind. Neglecting small problems can result in them turning into huge issues that cost thousands of dollars to fix. Most general car maintenance is quick and easy to do at home, so don’t be afraid. Follow these 10 tips for maintaining

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How to Replace Ignition Key

Ignition switch of a car engine can be operated only with help of a key, known as the ignition key. It is not possible to move the car without it. However, at times, you may have to replace this key for numerous reasons, such as damage of the switch, key theft, or improper functioning of lock cylinder. Usually, it is advisable to get in touch with

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Your Automobiles – Air Filter

Your air filter of your vehicle – be it car, truck of sports utility vehicle is one of the most overworked yet under appreciated components of the daily functioning and maintenance schedules of most automobile owners and drivers. Your air filter works tireless under your hood both straining the air to remove particulate matter so that your engine

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Why You Should Change Your Oil Regularly

Every vehicle needs an oil change regularly. One of the first things your mechanic will tell you is that you need to book in for an oil change and tune-up. Advances in engine technology have meant that they perform at an extremely efficient level and have been developed to improve driver enjoyment and more efficient operation.

But with these engine

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3 Easy Ways to Look After Your Car Battery

Most drivers have experienced a flat battery. It can happen at the most unfortunate time, like when you are about to go to a wedding or go out on a first date. But whenever or whatever the time or circumstance, it is always inconvenient and it usually costs money. The funny thing is, if you have your car serviced regularly, your mechanic will be

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Auto Detailing – The Secrets of the Experts

The term auto detailing is applied to performing an extremely thorough washing and cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile in the exterior and interior components to produce a good show-quality of detail. This is usually practiced for personal gratification, to prepare cars for promotional product presentations and most importantly, as

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What Can Your Auto Glass Shop Do For You?

It has happened to most of us. You’re driving along, usually behind a truck, and a rock hits your windshield. When something happens to your car, even a minor “ding” to the windshield, it becomes abundantly clear how important glass is for visibility and a safe operational environment. All auto glass items are literally your windows to the world.

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Tire and Rim Maintenance

Maintaining a motor vehicle means knowing what can go wrong, how to find a solution, and what to do in case of an emergency situation. Tires, in particular, require a great deal of attention in case something should go wrong. As tires dictate a driver’s control over the direction of the vehicle, keeping the major parts of a tire, including rims,

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