Classic Car Models That Created A Legacy

Classy, fast, gas guzzlers, sleek – these are the best words to describe classic cars. They possess rarity, beauty and great engineering, which is what makes these cars so captivating. In addition, they are known for their history and for the memories they evoke.

Classic cars are those that were produced as late as the 70s. They were built with speed and eye-catching designs that made them so memorable to past generations and so appealing to today’s generation. You can find a lot of these models and if you are in search for a classic car to purchase, here are just some of the top choices:

AMC Rebel

AMC Rebels were smaller compared to the big three producers of muscle cars in the 70s. They had introduced the SC Rambler that was patriotic colored in conjunction with Hurst in 1969 that was packed with 315bhp for fourteen-second quarter miles. AMC Rebel was considered as the most powerful stock car that was available in the late 1950s and it continued to make an impression through the 60s.

Dodge Charger

The line-up of the 1969 Dodge Charger introduced a wide variety of models including the more magnificent Special Edition ‘SE’, the base model, the 2 racing editions (the 500 and Daytona) and the R/T.

The Dodge Charger was manufactured by Chrysler and since its launch, it has captured the hearts of many, especially younger males. It featured 461 horsepower and had a V8 engine, which promised a top speed performance. Although a V6 engine was made for the Dodge Charger, it was never quite as popular as the more powerful engine..

Ford Torino

The Ford motor company produced the Ford Torino from 1968 to 1976. It was described as the newest bright idea from Ford and was actually made to replace the famous Fairlane model. Ford Torino featured an all new blend of power, beauty and style. Although the Fairlane name was still used by Ford up to 1971, Ford Torino was the name used on most of the body styles and was made with all new appeal and looks for the new generation of car enthusiasts.

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