Classic Car News: The Pope Arrives In Style In the Popemobile

Customising and ‘pimping’ cars is quite common in the UK, especially with classic cars, so it’s no surprise that the Head of the Roman Catholic Church gets his very own custom made Popemobile. When the Pope visited the UK back in 1982 the choice of transport at the time included “two of the best-known” badges in British motoring, Leyland and Range Rover, according to the Telegraph website, but this time Mercedes will be the marque of choice.

The specially adapted bullet-proof Mercedes M-Class cost around 75,000 each and are owned by the Vatican. The Pope will travel in style through Edinburgh, London and Birmingham in what looks like one of the ‘motorhome’ conversions that Top Gear presenters created in an episode from the last series.

In keeping with ‘going green’ and cutting down on CO2 emissions, these tailor made vehicles will be powered by green energy and driven by British driver’s chosen by local authorities. As the Pope only makes infrequent visits to the UK there will be an influx of people lining the streets hoping to get a glimpse of the man himself, which is why the cleverly constructed Popemobile has been designed to lift the Pope high above the crowd, ensuring a better view.

Although the Mercedes has a top speed of 160mph it is only expected to travel at a more “sedate 6mph”, reports the Daily Mail website. Understandably there are many security features included to protect the Pope, such as reinforced armoured side panels and chassis as well as the bullet proof glass windows.

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