Custom Built Automation Design | Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Development Bangalore

Started in 1994 by Mr. K. V Aithal, an expert in process-oriented industries in the field of electronic, electrical and high precision mechanical components manufacturing, VPS Technics and Trades strives for excellence in the automation field.

We ventured in the field by marketing process chemicals of M/s NGL Cleaning Technology Sa. Switzerland With this, by interaction with our customers, for process related matters, we developed further expertise in process automation, testing etc. Simple and most suitable solution to many complex manufacturing problems, flexibility in online changes, low cost automation solutions, are some of our identities. We are an energetic and aggressive company, guided by experts in Scientific, Industrial Engineering field, constantly learning and updating our knowledge and skills as technology expands. We are sure of our customer satisfaction if given the opportunity.

Are you looking for improving productivity? Concerned of operators safety? Keen to improve quality? Caught in a jinx of process? We shall share your concern in making your work atmosphere better. We at VPS Technics & Trades are a team of committed experts doing custom-built industrial automation equipments with innovative approach. Our approach is unique. We study your process or operation requirement, and with our expertise, we design the machine.We study your process or operation requirement,

Low cost automation manufacturers and Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments solution providers from VPS technics and traders, Bangalore strives for excellence in the automation field

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