Divorce & No Appearance Rights in Washington State

No Fault Divorce

  • Washington is a no fault divorce state, the courts do not require blame to be placed with either spouse for the failure of the marriage. As long as one partner believes the situation to be beyond repair, the divorce can be obtained.
  • General Timeline

  • From filing the initial petition of dissolution of marriage, a 90-day waiting period is required before the court will finalize the document. In this time, additional plans or documents can be filed, but requiring any type of court issued settlement will increase the waiting period.
  • Uncontested Divorce

  • A dissolution is considered uncontested as long as both parties agree to four major issues of the separation. Alimony payments as well as the division of property should be mutually agreed upon, and if children are involved a parenting plan, detailing child support payments, will need to be included with the documents.
  • No Appearance

  • Lincoln County has been processing divorce requests without a mandatory court appearance since 1983, so long as both parties are mutually consenting. Residency within the county is not required, but filing requires a payment or filing fee of $140 (as of October, 2010).
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