Downsizing Your Car

More than this, it seems as if people are becoming smarter about their choice in vehicle, opting
for cars, trucks and SUVs that are of the hybrid persuasion. However, choosing a hybrid vehicle
doesn’t always translate into more money in your bank account at the end of the day. Rather, it
seems as if the key component to reducing your spending (at least where vehicles are concerned) is
to simply trade in the bigger item for the smaller item.

The first car that came into my possession was a 2001 Nissan Altima. I was fresh out of high
school and thought that this little car was the greatest thing ever. I remember how I used to insist
on picking all of my friends up and driving us around aimlessly while loud music blasted from the
speakers. Back then, gas prices were well under the $1.50 mark, and money wasn’t really a concern
since I was still living under the thumb of my parents (who consistently spoiled me). However, when
I was halfway through college, my father surprised me for graduation by buying me a brand new Jeep
Liberty. I had hinted at the fact that I liked how sporty it looked, which I felt suited my
personality at the time. Just three short years after that, I traded the old Jeep in for a new Jeep.
The new Jeep was my first time buying a car on my own, in my name, etc. It was also one of the
biggest mistakes that I have made thus far. Not even a few hours after driving it off the lot, I
realized that the air conditioning wasn’t working properly (something that you definitely don’t want
happening to you when it is the middle of the summer). A couple of weeks after that, it was
announced (or rather, witnessed) that the United States economy was taking a major turn for the

As the gas prices skyrocketed and people were forced into paying upwards of $5 at the pumps, I
sat there sniffling as I looked over at my shiny new purchase parked outside of my apartment
building. I hadn’t thought ahead to things such as how I would finance this vehicle or really if it
was at all even practical for me to buy. All I knew at the time that I bought my Jeep was that it
was cute and was a mere continuation along the line of sporty cute SUVs for girls.

Today, I have since managed to offload the Jeep (though not entirely yet) so that I could
purchase a far more affordable vehicle. Thus far, the downsize has gone exceedingly well and has
proven to be an upgrade in more ways than one. The lesson to be learned from all of this is to avoid
having to downsize your vehicle in the first place by doing the research ahead of time so that you
are able to make an informed decision. Lesson learned!

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