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Driving the new Toyota Prius feels safe and intelligent. With the original Prius, back in 1998, Toyota was the first to sell a hybrid car. In twelve years, almost 2 million have been sold. As you’d expect from a pioneer, the latest version is more innovative and environmentally friendly than ever.

The Prius’ slippery body is one of the most aerodynamic designs on the road, with an ultra-low coefficient of drag of 0.25. This helps give it unparalleled fuel economy of 60 average imperial miles per gallon.

Under the hood, there’s an electric water pump, making the Prius’ engine the first to need no accessory belts. This reduces maintenance and improves fuel economy.

The cabin is a comfortable place to be. There’s more space than ever before, with room for five. Ahead of you, the user console is a little different than that of conventional cars, like the Camry or Corolla. Toyota has gone to great lengths to find more intuitive ways of doing things.

Push the button to start the engine, and you won’t hear it – because it’s not running. Flick the console-mounted shifter, set off, and the Prius propels itself along purely on battery power. As your speed climbs, it smoothly transitions into using both the batteries and its gasoline engine. The driver does not feel this transition; or much else, as this Prius is the smoothest yet.

Optionally, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control keeps you at a safe distance from the car ahead, while Lane Keep Assist warns you should you wander out of your lane. As you leave the car, simply touch the “Park” button: worry-free, like the Prius itself. Intelligent Parking Assist is available.

The Prius is a very important car for Toyota. Indeed, it is a flagship which showcases the company’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, which enables Toyota hybrids to produce up to 70% fewer smog-forming emissions than typical vehicles. That technology, though innovative, is also proven. After more than a decade of selling the Prius in North America,, Toyota service facilities stand with you in keeping your car in proper working order.

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