Fault Diagnosis of Automotive Repair Methods

Travel time, vehicle load is large, poor working condition, some usually not prone to failure symptoms appeared. We also note that launch x431, lexia3, mb star of use. If you travel back, added a new vehicle was found several cases discussed below, please stop as soon as possible to maintain a detailed inspection of the road can not be hidden.

When vehicle speed car, fuel consumption increased; cold start is not smooth, and even cold start problems. Reason: more reasons for this failure, after long-distance travel is likely that the problem is that the use of oil in question. Variable quality of oil filling stations now, if the gas storage time is longer, the quality itself is a problem, or gasoline, gasoline will gum in too. Vehicles using this fuel, the intake valve will produce a large number of glial around, the inlet valve movement impeded, serious intake valve in the cold car will sport card lag, the engine is not easy to start. The solution: a slight carbon deposition can be taken with a liquid resin cleaning method. Serious coke gum can only remove the cylinder head to clean up, cleaning the asphalt. Some provinces and municipalities in the use of ethanol fuel, there is no problem if the quality is not any harm the engine, do not clean asphalt.

When vehicle leaking bottom of reasons: long-distance running after the general several possible oil leakage. Do not overlook the role of launch x431. First is the rough road, drag the end of a moving place, sometimes inadvertently, minor bruises oil pan, was not found, returned and found oil spills; it may be a long high-speed engine operation, such as power steering pump, gearbox other parts may occur because a larger load of oil spills. Engine crankcase ventilation often when maintenance is ignored, the problem is not low speed, high-speed driving will result in excessive pressure on the crankshaft box, oil leakage. Solution: Check the chassis to do maintenance, replacement of defective parts. When doing maintenance so that maintenance personnel check the leakage area, to tighten or replace the appropriate seals. When doing maintenance attention crankcase ventilation components and maintenance.

Power down; idle speed instability; fuel consumption; cold the car strenuous; intermittent phenomenon destroyed car. Diagnosis: There may not timely maintenance of oil inside the engine caused by deterioration or fat deposition, or throttle, manifold poor, serious damage may have been some mechanical parts. The oil is also a poor source of the fault occurred, one of China’s oil situation as divergent, if the addition of oil-related, but the engine cylinder can easily lead to incomplete combustion mixture to produce coke, stick in the valve around the impact of the intake valve and exhaust valve closure of the closed, thereby reducing the compression ratio, the results also showed decline in vehicle power, idle speed instability.Solution: In accordance with the requirements of time and according to instructions mileage and maintenance, cleaning related sites; refueling stations as possible to the good reputation; fill up the tank after adding a number of the Qing coking gasoline additive, a running to see if improvements; to Authorized Service Station cleaning spray head and valve.

Manual car stalls when hanging from the bottom of gear box at the top of “clicks” bang abnormal sound. Diagnosis: usually hanging file bracket damage.Solution: manual transmission not in the linked file when the action excessive, too fast, otherwise it will damage linked file organization. In addition, lexia3 also a good diagnostic techniques. Especially in the reverse link car to a complete stop to wait until after the hanging reverse clutch, gears and gear that would reduce the probability of stent damage. Auto Circuit Fault are: open circuit, short circuit, damage to other electrical equipment. To be able to quickly and accurately diagnose faults, here are several common repair methods.

Visual diagnosis: car circuit failure, sometimes smoke, sparks, abnormal noise, Jiaoxiu, fever and other anomalies. These phenomena can be directly observed, which can determine where the fault location. Open circuit method: occurrence of bond strap car circuit devices (short circuit) fault, open circuit method can be used to judge the upcoming suspected Poor Ground fault circuit disconnected paragraphs, the observed electrical equipment failure in the bond strap is there, in order to determine the circuit ride the location and cause of iron. Short circuit method: Car circuit circuit fault occurs, you can also use the short method to judge, with a screwdriver or a wire that is suspected to be shorted the circuit breaker failure to observe the meter pointer to change working conditions or electrical equipment to determine whether the circuit circuit fault exists.

Low bond strap Trial by Fire: the electric equipment remove a thread on the car’s metal parts of the (bond strap) touch test to determine the resulting sparks. This method is relatively simple, the vast number of electric cars frequently used method, Poor Ground fire test method can be divided into direct and indirect bond strap two bond strap. The so-called direct bond strap is not a direct bond strap through the load and produce a strong spark.You can also use the tools mb star. For example, the ignition coil to the battery to determine whether a circuit failure, may remove the ignition coil connected to the ignition switch of the thread, the car body or chassis scraping touch, if there is a strong spark, indicating that the circuit normal; if no produce sparks, indicating that the circuit section of the circuit there. Indirect bond strap through the vehicle electrical load and a weak bond strap sparks generated to determine whether the fault line or load.High-pressure fire test method: high-voltage circuit bond strap on the test fire, observe the spark position to judge the work of the ignition system. The specific method is: Remove the ignition coil or spark plug of the high-voltage wire, spark plugs or cylinder head of its targeting and so on, a distance of about 5mm, and then turned starter switch, turn the engine, see the flash over the situation. If the spark strong, was sky blue, and flash over sound large, it indicates that the work of normal ignition system; the contrary, it indicates the ignition system not working properly. There, launch x431, lexia3, mb star is also very important.

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