Go Cart Frame – Buying the Right One

An extremely essential element of a speedy and robust go kart is the chassis, also named the go kart frame. It is among the most valuable components if you want to have success at the track. It takes a precisely-designed and soundly constructed frame to keep your tires glued to the track while making your way through busy tight corners at top speed. Whirling out of control is a great deal more liable to happen with a substandard frame.

A go cart chassis or frame is built from strong steel tubing, is affixed to the axles, and is designed to hold the body and engine. Since go carts have no suspension the frame must be solid enough not to break and flexible enough to act as the suspension. Sharp turns are a key part of go cart racing and can be exceedingly harsh on frames, so a certain amount of flexibility is required for maneuvering whereas a certain amount of stiffness is required for durability.

Open, caged, straight, and offset are the four chassis types. A caged chassis has a roll-over cage affixed that encircles the driver of a go cart. The main objective is to prevent injury as a result of an accident, particularly in an accident involving a roll-over, but it can also help reinforce the frame. A roll-over bar is many times used as a substitute for a roll cage. The roll-over bar is situated immediately in back of the driver and offers a degree of safety in a roll-over, but not as much as a roll-over cage. An open frame does not have a roll-over cage and will not safeguard the driver as competently.

Offset and straight frames are named based on the location of the driver. If the driver is sitting in the center of the vehicle it is a straight chassis. If the driver is sitting on the left side in the vehicle it is an offset frame. Straight frames are most often used for sprint racing and offset frames are normally used for speedway racing. Speedway racing is normally the term given to oval tracks encompassing all left turns.

Despite the type of frame used, a sturdy chassis will provide you with a solid vehicle that can survive the punishment it receives on rough race tracks. Differing kinds of race courses and circumstances require different levels of frame stiffness for maximum effectiveness and durability. The level of stiffness will vary depending on whether the track is dirt, blacktop, or concrete.

A stiffer frame is most often best in dry track conditions and a more flexible chassis is better for moist track situations. The best frames allow for easily altering of the stiffness to best fit the current climate and track conditions. Changing the stiffness is done by adding or removing stiffening bars on the rear, side, and front of the go cart. Better go carts give you this ability.

Overly stiff frames, without suitable flexibility, can break easily. The correct level of flexibility and stiffness will permit a racer to keep a truer line through tight cornering instead of drifting sideways. This will certainly increase performance of the vehicle and also increase the lifespan of the chassis.

If you would like the best frame for your situation you need to establish what type of go karting you will be participating in. If you are planning to race at a specific track you should chat with the professionals at that track to establish the proper frame for that particular track. They can help steer you toward frames that will work best for the unique conditions of their track.

Furthermore, there are lots of governing bodies for kart racing, each having their own distinct set of regulations. Knowing what is up to standard and what is not up to standard at the track you plan to race will prevent you from getting a go kart that is not permitted on that particular track. Getting the best frame for the precise track and conditions, and having the capability of changing the stiffness as desired, will add significantly to your satisfaction and accomplishments when racing karts.

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