High Gear Media’s Social Media Cheat Sheet For The 2010 Paris Auto Show

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Chances are good that you’re reading this from an office cubicle somewhere in America. Or Canada. Or maybe Australia. Or any other place on the globe that isn’t the 2010 Paris Auto Show. Not to worry, though — many of us are right there with you, scarfing down Lunchables from the vending machine and looking for news from the City of Light.   

Of course, you know that we’ll take that news and put it under the microscope, unravel it, give you our take on it — that’s what we love to do, and that’s why you follow us, here and on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/TheCarConnection) and Twitter (@CarConnection, @TheRealMA, @GreenCarReports, @HighGearMedia). But if you’re a real news junkie, you want news from every source, including the automakers themselves.

These days, most car companies are making heavy use of social media, and they’re often using those tools to share news as it happens. So we thought you might like to have a cheat sheet for those automakers with big reveals in Paris. This isn’t an exhaustive list, so feel free to add to it in the comments below. And for a complete Paris preview, check Marty Padgett’s sneak peek at Motor Authority.

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Aston Martin
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/astonmartin
Twitter: http://twitter.com/astonmartin
We’re expecting a low-pro unveiling of the not-so-extremely made-over Aston Martin DB9. But hey: as long as they keep that Lagonda concept at home, we’ll be happy to pop in for a look.  

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/audi
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Audi_Online
Audi will be rolling into Paris with a V8 variant of the R8 Spyder and a drop-top version of the e-tron concept. Bon appetit, y’all. 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BMW
Twitter: http://twitter.com/bmw_global
BMW won’t bring much to the show, but the company’s devoted (read: rabid) fans will probably still want a peek at the 6-Series concept.  

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chevrolet
Twitter: http://twitter.com/chevrolet
 The Aveo, the Orlando, and the you-can-look-but-you-can’t-touch-America Cruze hatchback, plus an Opel or two: it’s a big event for Chevy. Or Chevrolet.  

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ferrari
Twitter:  (No official Twitter feed that we can find)
Keep an eye out for the California hybrid. It’ll have just as much silicone as other California hybrids, but way less Botox.

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