How to Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle

When driving any vehicle safety is a big issue, but particularly a motorcycle. Since the driver can easily get hurt on a motorcycle – even more so than a car – the driver has to take many precautions and care when driving. Even as a motorcyclist with many years of experience, you can still come up against hazards that if you aren’t wary of will may endanger your safety.

First of all make sure you get the basics right. You will need a motorcycle helmet that works. This is one of the most important protection gear as it will protect you from head injuries – and even death. The number of motorcyclists injured on the road, mainly in the U.K and America, is considerably high. Most of those injuries are not minor either, as head injuries and brain trauma seem to be the most common. With this in mind, it may make you think twice before leaving your helmet off.

Secondly, wear the right safety gear. An abrasion-resistant jacket, combined with Kevlar or leather trousers should help you avoid nasty injuries, such as road rash (a deep wound where skin nerve endings are exposed). The trousers should include padding to protect vulnerable areas from damage if you do have an accident. Complete your outfit with appropriate motorcycle gloves, motorcycle boots that are above the ankle yet do not interfere with your driving and a helmet visor to protect your eyes from dust and insects. A tinted visor is often useful as it will protect your eyes from the sun’s glare. It’s vital that your eyes are protected as you will need all of your eyesight on the road to look out for all those hazards.

Next is maintenance. It’s an imperative that you maintain your motorcycle and your safety gear. You will need to regularly check up on both your motorcycle and the gear for repairs and cleaning requirements. It’s best to get into a habit with these sorts of things, so try to regularly maintain your bike and your gear by completing a regular check up after usage. If you are on long journeys too, it is probably worth taking some maintenance gear, such as cleaning kits for your visor.

Although you may have been riding for years, part of being an aware driver is keeping up to date with new safety regulations and the relevant road hazards. Trying to do this, may involve you doing some good old reading up online, in magazines or books – or even taking a safety course just to refresh your skills. The statistics for motorcycle crashers are higher than car crashes, thus it makes sense to consistently refresh your safety skills. Not only a safety course can you improve your road awareness, but meet other bike lovers – and maybe become certified to become a safety instructor. A safety course can open up options beyond the improvement of skills, as you will probably access a whole new community of like-minded hobbyists.

So keep safe on your motorcycle by being aware and wearing the correct protective gear in case of accident. If you are interested in purchasing protective gear such as motorcycle helmets, visit

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