Is an Extra Half-Bath in Your RV Worth the Cost?

If someone asked you whether or not having an extra half-bath in your home were worth the money, you would probably quickly say, “yes.” However, in terms of having an RV, you might take a little longer to pause. Most of us are familiar with dealing with RVs that have just one bathroom, but an extra half-bath is becoming an option that RV buyers are seeing with some frequency. The question is whether or not it is a good pick for you.

No doubt having a half-bath to go with your full bath is a good move if you have a large family. After all, one of the true joys about having your own RV is the knowing that you have your own bathroom. Also the knowledge that you don’t have to wait for a bathroom just sweetens the deal. Thus, those with large families might want to seriously consider the benefits of that extra half-bath. Just as you pick out a quality RV mattress for your bedding needs, having a half-bath may actually be less of a luxury and more of a necessity.

There are definitely some other practical reasons why you might want to have a half-bath. If you have any kind of problem with your full bath, at least you still have a toilet and washbowl. This, of course, is no small issue. Having a half-bath also gives you a degree of protection against any potential equipment failures or related issues.

It is important to point out that in larger RVs, the addition of a half-bath can really make a great deal of sense. There is usually more than enough space to accommodate one. Further, the additional price won’t serve to bring up your final price tag or monthly payment by much. In this way, you can easily add on the half-bath without much worry.

There are always options for those looking to improve upon their RV experience, but few have the potential to payoff quite like a half-bath. After all, who likes to wait for a washroom? This is one simple luxury that certainly pays for itself over time.

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