John Deere Three-point Hitch

The Revolutionary 3-Point Hitch

In 1926, the revolutionary 3-point hitch for farm tractors was patented by Harry Ferguson in
Britain. Used in conjunction with hydraulics the three-point hitch transferred the weight and stress
of the implement to the rear wheels. Harry Fergusons infamous handshake agreement with Henry Ford
was the precursor to the Ford 9n tractor in 1939. Utilizing Fergusons hydraulic system along with
his three-point hitch gave Ford the advantage over the competition. Other manufacturers scrambled to
launch competing weight transfer hitch designs. Once Fergusons patents expired the three-point hitch
became the industry standard. John Deere began offering a three-point hitch that was compatible with
standard three-point implements with the introduction of the 20 series two cylinder tractors in
1956.John Deere 520 and 620 tractors utilized a unique three-point design. The 720 John Deere
Tractor used the same design, however the draft link supports are larger than the 520 and 620 John
Deere three-point hitch. Draft links have a unique shape, and are sometimes called elephant ears.
The John Deere 520 and 620 tractors were ahead of the 530 and the 630 tractors, with the three point
hitch. The 730 John Deere replaced the 720. Two cylinder production ended at John Deere in 1960. The
tractors were replaced with 4, 6 and 8 cylinder tractors the next year. In use for only 5 years,
many of these tractor components became obsolete. John Deere three-point hitches are easily found on
the aftermarket. Available from Steiner Tractor Parts (STP) are assemblies for John Deere 520, 530,
620 and 630 models. The part number for this hitch is JDS360. STP also distributes a hitch for the
John Deere 720 and 730 models. Steiners number is JDS1424. Sold separately, also, are the major
hitch components.Most notable is the top link (JDS117), and the adjustable upright (JDS221).
Designed to adjust, both items can easily become damaged or bent. Additionally the top and
adjustable lift links, if left idle or without grease, are prone to seizing from oxidation.Yes,
these components have been hard to find for some time now, and for the most part, completely
unavailable. Right now, however, hobbyists can enjoy immediate delivery of these assemblies from
Steiner Tractor Parts. In addition, if you are missing parts for your John Deere three-point hitch
on these 2 cylinder models, Steiner Tractor Parts carries most parts and components. They recently
received a shipment of the bottom yoke (JDS234). Other components required for repair or restoration
of the three-point hitch include the handle and pin (JDS222), elephant ears (JDS173L & JDS173R),
the lower lift arms (JDS246L & JDS246R) and the leveling screw (JDS233). Steiner also supplies the
original style John Deere 2 cylinder three-point hitch top link (JDS117). This part includes the
hook and chain, and is a precision duplicate of the original. If needed, the hook is available
separately (JDS117HK). As with the John Deere
three-point hitch, Steiner Tractor Parts continues to offer tractor enthusiasts the commitment
to supply obsolete and discontinued parts needed for tractor restoration, and be the industry
standard for excellence.

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