Kenosha Kia drivers keep pets happy in a Kia Soul

If a trip to the store or a drive to Grandmas just isnt the same without Fido, you will be impressed with the innovations from Kia and other auto makers when it comes to pet safety and security. Your Kenosha Kia dealer has some great buys that will make you feel like wagging your tail right along with your pet.

AAA has released a list of the safest vehicles for pets and Kia Soul not only made the list, but was placed in the Economical category. What more could a pet owner ask for than safe, affordable transportation? When you shop for Antioch used cars, the staff will help you select the perfect fit for you and your pet.

The Kia Soul is really quite roomy inside and, although it might be a bit cramped for a large dog, most will fit comfortably. There is a plethora of accessories you can buy to fit the Soul and make your pet happy and make clean-up easy. Heavy mats for the cargo area and seat covers that are easy to clean are just the beginning. There are also cages and pet dividers that keep your pet in place.

The Soul is a fun car to drive, with smooth handling, and you and your pet will enjoy the large windows which make for a great side view. Thats important since most dog owners love to take their best friend for a spin.

The Auto Buying team at AAA test drove and reviewed several hundred vehicles and rated them according to crash test ratings, safety features, how easy it is for dogs to get in and out, the size of the cargo area, mileage, how well the interiors clean up and how many hooks were available to secure the pet.

Another vehicle chosen in the Economical class was the Nissan Cube, which, interestingly, is similar in appearance to the Kia Soul. The Cube was touted for its large interior and wide variety of aftermarket accessories that can transform the back into a pet paradise.

In the Luxury category, AAA chose the BMW 3 Series Wagon for its quiet ride and selection of pet accessories and the Volvo XC60 with a City Safe feature that monitors driver inattention. The Volvo was also judged to be comfortable for the canine crowd.

The Active Lifestyle class consisted of the Hyundai Santa Fe, which is perfect for larger breeds of dogs, and the available pet accessories. The Subaru Forester was found to have great all-wheel drive and its low profile made it easy for pets to enter and exit. Customers of Antioch used cars will want to weigh the features of the car and then explore any adaptations that could be made for their pets.

The Honda Element with clam shell doors and the Toyota Venza with a ramp and waterproof seat covers available from the maker, topped the list in the Kids, Dogs and Everything Else category. For those who want efficiency and fun, the Mazda 5-Door scored with its wide rear doors and the Mini Clubman was considered a fit for large breeds. When it comes to Green vehicles, the Ford Escape Hybrid, with its pet-friendly interior and large cargo area, was a hands-down favorite.

Your Kenosha Kia dealer knows how important your pet is to you and wants you to drive with peace of mind, knowing your pet is safe and comfortable.

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