Motorcycle Safety – A Two Way Street

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to be devastating. Unlike cars and trucks, motorcycles have no protective metal cage, leaving motorcycle riders extremely vulnerable in the event of a motorcycle accident. This is why protective gear is so important for motorcycle riders. However, motorcyclists themselves are not solely responsible for their safety on the road. Motorcyclists and car / truck drivers alike are responsible for keeping the roadways safe for all motorists.

What Bikers Can Do

Bikers need to be aware of how vulnerable they are on the road. Motorcycles provide very few safety features to their riders. This being the case, a rider needs to act in a way that will increase his or her odds of staying alive and safe. Things that riders should keep in mind include:

Wear protection–helmets are not required by law in all states but should be worn every time a rider gets on a motorcycle. Other types of protective clothing, such as leather jackets and pants, can help protect the body from the asphalt if the bike tips or is hit by a car.
Go under the speed limit–many cyclists get a thrill out of riding fast, but the faster a motorcyclist is going, the greater the chances are that he or she will be killed in an accident.
Things Drivers Can Do

Car and truck drivers can practice roadway safety by:

Giving bikers space
Never tailgating
Allowing bikers to change lanes when they need to
Safety should always come first on the road, and it is up to all motorists to ensure a safe environment for all.

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