I recently wrote a “where are they now” update for the winners of TTAC’s first annual Ten Worst Automobiles awards. Commentators Cellman and Drew shook their metaphorical heads at our negativity and challenged us to look at the other end of the spectrum. And so TTAC’s Ten Best Automobiles awards were born. Yes, yes; all the buff books and big sites do it. But TTAC readers are more discerning, our selection process more democratic and our timing… enigmatic. So read the rules below and then tell us which vehicles you consider worthy of a TTAC Ten Best.


A Ten Best-worthy vehicle is a special beast. The vehicle’s overall design and build quality (design, materials or ergonomics) may inspire your nomination. Or technological innovation (fuel efficiency, aerodynamics or electronics) could float your boat. Safety (e-nannies, structural integrity or technological innovations) may play a role. And raw performance (gut-punching acceleration, neck straining cornering or eye-popping braking) is always a fave.

Of course, any of these factors can produce a good car. But truly great cars– the automotive equivalent of a tea bag packed with Darjeeling White– are an irresistible combination of all these characteristics, along with a huge noseful of that addictive aroma we call the X-factor. Those are the vehicles we’re looking for.

In short, nominate the cars, pickups, SUVs, CUVs and/or minivans that you consider the best of the best; vehicles that are so good you can’t help but wonder why their cohorts aren’t built with the same passion, care and precision. Oh, and we’d really appreciate it if you stick to the rules.

2007 Ten Best Automobiles  Award

Rules of Engagement

1. To qualify for a Ten Best, a vehicle must have been offered for sale as a new vehicle in the U.S. between May 7, 2006 and May 7, 2007. Otherwise, nominations may be made regardless of the automobile’s price, market segment, country of origin, production/sales numbers, domestic content or average buyer’s average IQ.

2. TTAC will only accept Ten Best nominations that list at least one reason why a given vehicle qualifies for an award. (Nominations bereft of justification will be deleted with extreme prejudice.) The more poetic your justification, the greater the chances your candidate will make it to the final selection process. (That’s our story and we’re sticking with it.)

3. “Me too” and “yeah, like he said” nominations will also disappear. Even if you share a previous nominator’s rationale for a given nomination, practice your anti-plagiarism skills with paraphrasing, thesaurus-based word substitutions and drug-induced creativity.

4. If you disagree with a particular nomination, feel free to offer an opposing view. However, TTAC’s posting policy is in full force. Anyone who flames (personally attacks) the website, its authors or fellow commentators will have their comment deleted and face a permanent posting ban. 

5. Once nominations are closed, TTAC’s writing staff will hold a secret ballot to select 20 vehicles from the nominees. They will base their vote on the number of nominations received, the eloquence of their champions and their personal opinions of the vehicles in question.

6. We will then submit these 20 finalists to you, our esteemed readers. You may vote (via an electronic poll) for the ten vehicles on the list which you deem worthy of a Ten Best. Anyone who votes more than once will be permanently banned from commenting on TTAC, and don’t try any of that new account, different IP stuff with us, Mister.

7. Nominations begin today. We will publish the 20 finalists for voting on or around May 21.  The winners will be announced on or around the first week in June. Winning manufacturers will find out when they read the results on TTAC.

And there you have it. Post your nominations with the required justification(s) below. Meanwhile, thank you for your support and enthusiasm. It wouldn’t be half as much fun without you.


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