Northlake Nissan Rogue dealers let buyers know how to buy a LEAF

Leaves will soon be falling from the trees in most part of the U.S., but Northlake Nissan Rogue customers will find out that the Nissan LEAF doesnt grow on trees. In fact, demand has been greater than the Japanese auto maker expected and now there is a delay in the ordering process.

In June, customers who had expressed interest in buying a LEAF received letters from Nissan explaining that there was a delay in the ordering process. Apparently, the LEAF will still arrive on time and eventually these eager buyers will be able to drive off in their zero-emissions ride.

Now, a dealer attending Nissans dealership conference has given Palm Beach Gardens used cars customers and other potential LEAF owners another update. This is the latest on the LEAF buying process:

*Customers who ordered the LEAF will get an email on how they can request a quote. Once this has been received they can visit the Nisan LEAF home page, go into their account and click on Customer Dashboard.

*Here they will be able to choose options like color, accessories, trim level. They also can select a payment option and let Nissan know if they have a trade-in. Then there will be an option to bundle the home charging dock (HDC) into the purchase price.

*LEAF buyers will need to select the dealer they want to use. In fact, they can select multiple dealers, but will only deal with one at a time. If a quote from one dealer is not accepted, the buyer can then work with another dealer after a 24-hour waiting period.

*Once the dealer give the buyer a quote with all the details of the purchase and will have a window of opportunity to reply to the quote.

*Customers who accept the offer will get a confirmation email from Nissan and the order will then be processed with Nissan.

*When the order has been schedule for production, buyers will receive another message giving an estimate of the arrival date.

Sounds simple, right? So why is Nissan taking orders for the LEAF this way? Well, apparently some surveys and queries for interested buyers resulted in enough pre-orders that Nissan had to resort to a first-come, first- served basis.

Northlake Nissan Rogue customers who have not already expressed interest in the LEAF may have to wait awhile to get their model, but all feedback from the auto industry and pre-buyers indicated the wait will be worth it.

How well will the process work? Only time will tell. Nissan hopes it will flow smoothly and that all interested pre-buyers will be able to order their LEAFs in a timely manner. Whether production can keep up with demand also remains to be seen.

In the meantime, customers of Palm Beach Gardens used cars can choose from a large selection of pre-owned Nissan models without any pre-ordering or waiting.

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