Prolonging The Life Of Your Diesel Engine

Any individual who has to operate a diesel engine will know that unexpected repairs can both be
costly and surprising. Diesel engines are created to give great operation only for a certain amount of
time or a certain amount of miles. This determination is come to by the quality and type of fuel
that is utilized, the specialized maintenance and the engine operation.

The majority of diesel engines now use a turbo charger to induce greater performance and
efficiency out of the engine. Usually the average life of an engine is 60% taking into consideration
the turbo charger or turbo used. Once this time frame has been reached, the engine should be
replaced or rebuilt. To help get the most out of the life of the turbo, there are a few easy
operating tips that you can do to help this along:

1. Using the correct engine oil. The use of the manufacturer recommended engine oil is
important. The engine oil will assist in lubricating the turbo. By utilizing a high quality fuel,
you can help to ensure that the oil will give you the most it has to give to give you the best
service it can until it is time to change oil and filter. The process of sampling oil can be used to
assist in determining if the engine oil is giving the correct protection that is needed as well as
letting you monitor the trends of wear and any contamination that could possibly happen.

2. Allow engine to warm up completely. It is very essential that you allow the engine to
completely warm up when it is started. This helps the different parts of the engine to begin
reaching the operating temperature and helps it to get well lubricated.

3. Allow engine to cool down completely. It is just as essential that you allow the engine to
completely cool down prior to shutting it down. A lot of engine manufacturers offer an auto shut
down feature to assist in making sure this is done. It is of VITAL importance that you never shut
down the engine at any RPM that is above idle.

**The shutting down at a high RPM can and will cause the turbo to spin at many thousand
RPM’s without any lubrication. The oil that has been contained in the turbo will get
extraordinary hot and will in a way, cook the oil into the bearings and will cause critical oil
block passages. This can really reduce the life of the turbo and will result in turbo failure really
early. It can also result in much reduced efficiency and poor performance.

By following the above easy and simple tips, you can assist in increasing the diesel engine life
and all of its components that go with it.

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