Putnam County, NY used Honda dealer offers great selections for pet owners

If your dog is one of the family, you know how important it is to have a safe place for him to ride and AAA wants to help make you aware of the safest and friendliest vehicles for pets. Your Putnam County, NY used Honda dealer may have just the ride you need.

According to AAA National Director of Auto Repair and Buying Services John Nielsen, there are more than 45 million homes in our country with a dog. Most of those owners like to take their best friend along when they tool around town or take short trips.

Thats why AAA came out with a list of suitable pet rides based on factors like crash test and safety ratings, interiors that are easy to clean, cargo space, tie-down hooks, and how easily the animal can get in and out. The vehicles are divided by categories and list their amenities. Fairfield County, CT used Honda customers will be thrilled to know that their dealer has a very safe vehicle for their pets.

In the category of Kids, Dogs & Everything Else, the Honda Element received kudos for pet-friendliness. A vehicle aimed at young male drivers, the Element is also a pet owners dream, with an interior that can actually be hosed out if it comes to that and clamshell side doors that allow your pet easy access.

When shopping your Putnam County, NY used Honda dealer, check out the possibilities for the Element. It has accessories like a ramp and second row seat covers that will practically wipe clean. With a water dish that is spill-resistant and even electric fans to ventilate the cargo area, this is like a luxury condo for your pooch. Soft-sided kennels can easily be secured in the Element too. This vehicle handles smoothly and the cargo space is big enough even for the largest breeds.

In this same class, the Toyota Venza was listed because of its ramp, low tailgate, waterproof seat covers and adjustable pet restraint system as well as a pet barrier to keep pets out of the passenger area.

The Luxury category features the BMW 3 Series Wagon for its rubber cargo mats and pet dividers and the Volvo XC60 with lots of cargo space and accessories like rubber cargo mats and pet barriers. Active Lifestyle pet owners may like the Subaru Forester with its large cargo capacity and multiple tie-down points or the Hyundai Santa Fe for its comfortable pet accessories and pet dividers.

Those with a bent toward Efficient and Fun will enjoy the Mazda3 5-Door which will hold larger breeds and allow them easy access or the Mini Clubman with its rear barn doors and factory tie-down points. Pet lovers who are going Green should check out the Ford Escape Hybrid which has room for large pets and includes floor mats and a pet divider.

Other affordable choices include the Kia Soul with a large choice of after-market accessories and the Nissan Cube for its roomy interior and accessory choices. Your Fairfield County, CT used Honda dealer has some great choices for pet owners.

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