Safety tips for riding a quad bike keith knowles

Theres no doubt about it: quad bikes are fun. They can be exhilarating to ride, and a strong community has built up around the vehicles. A new rider is able to benefit from the experience and technical expertise of more seasoned quad bikers, and there are many quad bike meets where a rider can race or ride just for the fun of it.

Quad bikes arent just for recreation; many people use them in their line of work too. For example, lots of farmers use them as they are ideal for getting around their land quickly and easily, and many coastguards also use them for their beach patrols. Theres never been a better time to get into the sport, as the market for secondhand quad bikes is booming and expert advice on which vehicle is best for you is plentiful.

As enjoyable as they are to ride, a quad bike must be treated with respect. Like any vehicle, if precautions are taken and they are ridden responsibly, it will minimise the chances of an accident. Here are some tips on riding your quad bike safely:

Always wear protective gear

Just as you would when riding a motorcycle, wear a helmet when on your quad bike. If you plan on riding your quad bike in a wooded area, its advisable to wear eye protection as mud, stones or even a bug can fly into your eye. Boots, gloves and a helmet are also essential. You may be able to buy a top notch second hand quad bike, but head protection is a different matter. Its advisable to buy a brand new helmet as you can be sure it is not damaged in any way. Many accidents are made worse due to inadequate headgear.

Take a drivers safety course

A safety course will educate a rider in the proper way to ride their quad bike, and will make sure that he or she will be able to handle their vehicle. Quad bike etiquette is also taught, which makes taking a course a critical requirement to safely enjoying the sport.

Watch your speed

The temptation is always there to go as fast as you can. However, increasing your speed especially over uneven terrain decreases the quad bikes stability and the control you have over the vehicle.

Dont ride under the influence

If youre riding your quad bike off road, its easy to assume that the normal drink driving limits dont apply. Do this at your peril drinking and driving do not mix, and even prescription or over the counter medications can impair your ability to ride.

Dont attempt tricks

Most quad bike accidents occur when the vehicle is ridden improperly. Once youve gained a certain proficiency in riding your quad bike, you may start to feel brave and attempt a stunt or two. This will greatly increase your chances of an accident. Stunts and tricks are best left to the professionals.

One vehicle, one rider

Most ATVs are designed to accommodate only one rider. Carrying a passenger can be distracting, and as part of riding a quad bike involves shifting your weight, having an additional rider will make it less stable and more likely to tip over.

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