Smart Car Shopping: Big Deals On These Five Convertibles

It may sound like some strange factoid hurtling in from a parallel universe, but ragtop shoppers, take heart: sometimes, convertibles are cheaper in summer.

How can that be? We’ve seen automakers introduce convertibles in the dead of winter–when people are most receptive to the idea of a warm summer day and a topless ride. Other manufacturers say convertible sales stay surprisingly strong throughout the year, aside from a lull in the fall.

There may be no real concrete data to suggest anything consistent, but with our partners at TrueCar, we’ve uncovered some convertibles that are a deal this summer–right now, while the heat’s still on.

Of course, the current economic doldrums have pushed demand for convertibles lower than is usual. In fact, analysts at TrueCar tell us that convertibles are now one of the slowest-selling segments of the auto industry, right at the time of year when you might expect them to be in the highest demand. Some manufacturers have adjusted to the decline in demand, and have built fewer topless models this summer. But some didn’t. Dealers are willing to negotiate price on some convertibles.If you’re looking for a deal on a convertible, TheCarConnection has found five ragtops (well, four ragtops and one origami-steel retractable hardtop) that you may be able to work an incredible deal on, if your haggling skills are up to par. Warm up your mouse, scroll through these five deals, and get out the SP45:

935195579 Smart Car Shopping: Big Deals On These Five Convertibles

Angular Front Exterior View – 2010 Ford Mustang 2-door Convertible

2010 Ford Mustang Convertible

The 2011 Ford Mustang is winning all of the press this summer, with the return of the legendary 5.0-liter V-8. But dealers have thousands of 2010 models left to sell, and the top-down versions of the classic are actually among the slowest sellers this year. To help dealers clear out space for the 2011s, Ford is offering a $3,000 cash-back rebate on every 2010 model, and TrueCar analysts tell us the best deals are on the convertible. It’s selling for an average of 10.9% below MSRP.

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