Some facts to research when picking a brand new Audi model Jabbar Karlee

And you really don’t want to get stuck with the wrong type of car for your particular driving needs, especially it’s going to be a long time before you replace it.

So here are a few facts from that should help you to lease the right Audi model and help you to avoid getting lumbered with a car that just not what you’re looking for.

1) Research which kind of Audi you need. You should think about what you need as opposed to what you want. The excitement caused by an impulse buy passes very quickly so you should think about your long term needs as the Audi you choose is going to have to last. Think about: passengers, functionality, costs, likely journeys and what type of mileage you need. You should also think about how the Audi is going to perform in both the summer and the winter. You don’t want to buy an Audi in one season and then figure out it isn’t a suitable choice six months down the line.

2) Consider your options based on your criteria. Nowadays this can be done with a few simple clicks, as there is a huge selection of sites that compare car prices and features. Using these websites you can review various deals and offers and make up your mind on what model you want to drive. It’s just that simple.

3) Book a test drive. Once you have narrowed down your choice you really need to make sure you book a test drive so you should contact a local dealer. This will give you a chance to get to grips with how the Audi feels and performs on the road. You should then have clearer idea on whether the car can suit your personal driving. To be honest, you cannot really know whether a car is right for you unless you take it on the road for a 15 minute or half hour spin. So it is always better to test drive an Audi rather than not.

4) Take time to think about your test drive experience. You don’t want to sign a contract in the spur of the moment, even if the dealer is offering you an irresistible Audi A3 leasing deal, perhaps from, take some time to think it over before you go back to the car leaser and sign the agreement. You may even want to go home and talk it over with your family or partner. Ask them what they would do and what they think of the Audi. At that point you can make an intelligent decision about the Audi.

Here’s a check-list with points to remember: consider your car needs, work out how much you can afford, consider several vehicles in a particular class and test drive the car before you commit. Hopefully, if you follow this guide you will enjoy your new Audi for years to come.

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