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How to Tune Up My Car

Tuning enhances the performance of the car. It is regularly needed for a car especially if it is modified one. With proper car maintenance, the tuned up car will surely give its best performance giving maximum efficiency. The main idea behind car tuning is to improve its handling and performance.

If the car is not properly maintained and regularly

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Getting the Most From Your Satellite Navigation System

Satellite navigation systems have been a revolutionary invention, and have helped millions of drivers find their way through many towns and cities worldwide. In the UK, many drivers have a Sat Nav in their car and for those who drive on a regular occurrence they have been a godsend. However, as with all pieces of technology they can be wrong at

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Yamaha ATV Dealers Set the Right Example For Slow Auto Dealerships

I have to hand it to the street fighting tactics of Yamaha ATV dealers. These guys have shown true grit in the age of the Internet. A lot of people don’t know this but ATV and motorsports are actually very aggressive markets. There are a lot of competitors out there who are trying to get to the top of the search engine heap. The competition is so

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Choosing the Right Electric Winch For Your Vehicle

Whether you are a serious off-road or ATV enthusiast or you will be using it on your utility truck, a winch is an incredibly important piece of equipment. In a way, it is like a fire extinguisher, most people don’t think about it until they absolutely need it, and if it doesn’t work then, you’re going to be in a load of trouble. Avoid yourself

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Are Comfort Or Performance the Only Choices When Buying ATV Mud Tires?

If you’re going to do some serious off-road driving in your ATV then you should invest in the type of tires that will allow you to let rip through the mud and rough surfaces while also performing on the pavement. Your choice will come down to how aggressive you want to be as well as the control and stability you will feel most comfortable driving

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Pull Behind ATV Trailer – What Should You Look For in a ATV Tow Behind Trailer?

Tow behind motorcycle trailers (ATV as well) fall into a couple of categories. You can be looking for a trailer to carry your bikes and ATVs to a destination, or you can be looking to pick up a trailer to tow behind your bike or ATV to carry extra gear.

This is the first in a series of articles that will give you some ideas on purchasing the right

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Tips About the Best ATV Trails

The next time you hear about a great riding place, you might want to ask a number of questions before you decide to pack up to go ride there. Although all ATV’s are intended just for fun, they aren’t all set up for having fun on the same terrain, and a trail that would be ideal for many people may very well be a total bore or be impassable for

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Go Kart Plans – What to Look For in a Go Kart Plan

There are so many choices these days in home-made go karts: suspension go karts, flat frame go karts, full roll cage go karts…where to you start?

There are five main things to look for in a go kart design and they are:

1. Go Kart Riders
2. Center of Gravity
3. Vertical Engine Vs Horizontal Mount
4. Frame Fixturing/Ease of Construction
5. Safety

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ATV Loading Ramps – Which One is the Right One For You

With such a selection of ATV loading ramps out there, it can be hard to choose just the right one. But on the other hand, because there are so many ramps out there, you’ll be able to find a ramp system that will work best for your situation and set-up.

First off, you should think about both how and where you’ll be using an ATV loading ramp. Will

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ATV Winch – A Must Have For Off Roading

Finding an ATV winch is one of the easiest jobs to do. These are very important for those who do off roading and for the safety of the rider quality is number one most important. Most ATVs are designed to go through many different terrains including the most difficult. You will need an ATV winch for when you get stuck into those awful situations.

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