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Classic Car News: Studying Classic Cars Provides A Degree Of Satisfaction

Most of us go to college or university to work hard and play harder. This is the philosophy of twelve teenagers, studying vehicle body repairs at Sandwell College, who have experienced the satisfaction of restoring a 1982 classic Mini.

Working on and restoring a classic car as part of an assignment takes the word ‘practical’ to a whole new level.

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Car Covers And The Last Lotus Drive

As the writer for the Internet website ClickitCoverit.Com I sometimes hear stories that make my heart drop. The other day I got a phone call from the owner of LotusOwners his name is Tony he was trying to get a couple of car covers sent to him right away. He lives in New York and has had a club for Lotus owners for the last 20 some years. He had

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Which Kind of Color could Better Go with Your Skin?

Everyone wants to show the best face to other, but lots of people may still dazzle that what color can be worn with their skin. Some suggestions are offered here, they will be help people in some ways.

What color can be worn with wheat skin people?

The people who have such color show healthy and lively. It will be perfect match with black and

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Scrappage Scheme Breaths Life Into UK Car Industry

The scrappage scheme has not only breathed new life into the ailing UK car industry, it’s revived it beyond all expectations and is proving to be a real runaway success. Now, just three months into the government’s new “cash for bangers” initiative – which allows new car buyers to trade in used cars 10 years old or over for up to 2,000

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Finding Essential VW Beetle Parts for your Restoration Project

If you have ever considered shopping online for VW Beetle parts but have never done so, you are not alone. There are many consumers who are still hesitant to shop via the Internet for anything, but the good news is that there are many reputable sellers that have lots of quality parts to offer. Restoration and repair of old classics and

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Mustang A-Arm Lowering Template & Guide

Adjusting the position (lowering) of the upper control arms is relatively easy to do and can vastly improve the driving performance of your classic Mustang. Improvements for street and performance applications are uniform. You will notice increased steering control when turning into corners and less hesitation on the suspension when

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The Search To Sell My Bentley

I have always been a fan of the James Bond novels and the Avengers, so when I first had the opportunity to buy my Bentley fifteen years ago I jumped at the chance. The 4.5-litre Bentley is an absolute classic, an iconic design made in the years before Rolls Royce took over the company in a secret bid in 1931. Mine was from 1928 (sadly a

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Mustang T5 Manual Transmission Conversion Guide

T5 conversions are probably one of the most asked about modification for the older Mustangs. We are going to cover two areas of confusion. First, what year and model to look for. Second the ins and outs of actually doing the conversion.

Which T5 transmission do I need?

Through the years, Ford made many improvements and variants of this

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More Than A Trend – The Mini Is Always In Fashion

The humble Mini is something of an icon – though it is a quintessentially British vehicle, it has truly achieved worldwide status with numerous celebrities from around the world proudly driving one. Though they’re not the most luxurious of cars, they still enjoy a large and almost fanatical user base.

But just what is it that keeps the Mini

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Classic Car News: Curvaceous, Sexy and eccentric…And That's Just The Car

A rather unusual classic car, which has been described as “extravagant and outrageous” by Alan Squindo, a spokesperson for RM Auctions, is due to fetch 4 million at auction later this month. Not only was the 1949 Delahaye Type 175 Roadster one of just 51 ever made it was also owned by Britain’s Marilyn Monroe.

Diana Dors was just 17 when she

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