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Fly Me to the Moon

701185650 Fly Me to the MoonIn 1962, President John F. Kennedy made a pronouncement that made a lot of people think he’d lost his mind: “We choose to go to the moon in this decade.” According to GM’s Vice Chairman of Global Product Development, Chevrolet’s gas-electric plug-in electric hybrid is GM’s moon shot. Wired magazine recently sat down with Bob Lutz and asked the Car

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Who Needs an Electric Car?

1279762776 Who Needs an Electric Car?

OK, yes. All you folks who believe that we must free the country from its dependence on foreign oil and stop the planet from over-heating need an electric vehicle (EV). Well, youwant one. I mean, it’s not like you’re walking at the moment is it? And if you are, chances are you can’t afford or don’t want a car, whether it

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I Want My Tesla Roadster!

1405308675 I Want My Tesla Roadster!Not for same reasons you do. You want a battery-powered Tesla Roadster because it’s a way cool car boasting bleeding edge technology. Or maybe you just like sexy sports cars. Or perhaps you’re looking for massive eco-auto props. As a free marketeer, I’m good with any of these motivations. As a Porsche Boxster S owner, I’m

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Vega Redux?

2100502621 Vega Redux?The prolonged wait for the Chevrolet Volt reminds me uncomfortably of waiting for the Chevrolet Vega to appear. For GM’s sake, the outcome had better be radically different. Because no one single vehicle did more damage to GM then the highly-hyped Vega.

Beginning in 1968, three years before the star-crossed Vega finally landed, GM cranked up

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Arcimoto Pulse EV Launch

1454668827 Arcimoto Pulse EV Launch

Geography aside, Eugene, Oregon, is about as far away from Detroit as you can get. The biggest industry in that sleepy town on the banks of the Willamette is education, not auto manufacturing. You’re more likely to see dreadlocks at a typical Eugene business than a hard hat. In fact, perhaps the only thing Eugene and Detroit have in common

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