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Some facts to research when picking a brand new Audi model Jabbar Karlee

And you really don’t want to get stuck with the wrong type of car for your particular driving needs, especially it’s going to be a long time before you replace it.

So here are a few facts from CentralContracts.com that should help you to lease the right Audi model and help you to avoid getting lumbered with a car that just not what you’re

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The Numerous Advantages of Vehicle Services Contract David Cunningham

A vehicle services contract will protect both the car and the owners wallet from pricey repair bills and costly labor charges. For both high-mileage and new cars, the extended auto warranty will provide peace of mind and security for when these surprise repairs do occur, they will be covered for little or no cost. The different advantages of these

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Hiring a Forklift: Recruiting a Monster Carrier

The enormity of hiring a forklift only sets in when you see the machine in actuality. Till then, you are just lost in Wonderland pondering the size of the machine. It is massive, something you realize when you see it for the first time. It has the strength of hulk, something that comes to your attention when you sit behind the controls to lift

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Air Pressure Switches and Information Guide

As the name says air pressure switch, these switches make or break a contact depending on the pressure created or released. These switches are used in switching on or off the current from a hydraulic or pneumatic source.

This type of switch is perfect for the controlling the movements of the sources that are powered by pressurized gas. Pneumatic

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How to Buy the Right Fitting Motorcycle Helmets?

Though motorcycle helmets are designed to ensure the safety and security of the rider, most of us tend to pick up helmets solely for its style! While purchasing a motorcycle helmet it is very important to check whether it offers a proper fit. Not all helmets are for everyone. There are helmets in various sizes and purposes and only by choosing the

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DUI Repeat Offenders Could Lose License for 10 Years under New CA Law

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are over 310,000 individuals with three or more DUIs (driving under the influence) convictions in California today. If a bill recently signed by Governor Schwarzenegger had been in effect when they received their third conviction, most of those people would have no driver’s

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NTSB Issues Several Recommendations to Improve Truck Safety

The results of an investigation of a horrific trucking accident have spurred the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to recommend numerous truck safety rules. The accident, which occurred last year in Oklahoma, claimed the lives of 10 people and injured five others.

The NTSB cited driver fatigue resulting from sleep loss as the root

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Medically Unqualified Truck Drivers Can Have Deadly Consequences

Generally, after taking certain over-the-counter medications or receiving hospital treatment a patient is told not to drive or operate heavy machinery. Most patients abide by this, but for a commercial bus driver who failed to heed the warning, coupled with a lack of medical oversight by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the

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III Report: California Auto Insurance Companies Significantly Impact Economy

A new report prepared by the Insurance Information Institute (III) and released last month by the Insurance Information Network of California indicates that providers of auto and other types of coverage have had a major impact on the Golden State’s economy.

The III data show that insurers located in the state wrote $114.7 billion in premiums in

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Two More Needless Deaths; Tips on Avoiding Car-Truck Accidents

On a recent Friday night, two men driving cars were killed in the San Antonio metro in separate collisions with 18-wheelers.

WOAI TV and KENS TV report both men were on I-35 when the crashes with big rigs took place. Neither trucker had serious injuries.

The crashes are tragic illustrations of the extreme dangers people in passenger

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