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OILCHG.com Exposes Threats to Car Dealers, Quick Lubes and Repair Shops Caused By New US Postal Service Cutbacks

The US Postal Service is projected to lose $7.8 billion in fiscal year 2010 and mail about 11 billion less pieces than it did in 2009. To stop the flow of red ink, analysts expect the agency to announce a 2011 price hike in postage and cancel Saturday mail delivery. If these changes take place, car dealers, quick lubes and auto repair shops that

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Altmans Winnebago Takes Winnebago 2010 Circle Of Excellence Award

Altmans Winnebago in Carson has once again been recognized as a 2010 Circle of Excellence winner by Winnebago Industries, Inc. of Forest City Iowa. To make this award even more significant, the only other Winnebago dealer in the Los Angeles area to receive this award is the other Altmans dealership in Colton, California.

To be honored as a

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AutoblogGreen for 05.28.10

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Holden-made V6 turbo recalled in US

LOW-OCTANE fuel has been blamed for a number of failures of Holden-built turbo V6s powering luxury Cadillac SUVs in North America, triggering a vehicle safety recall in the United States.

The 2.8-litre LP9 turbo engine – a 224kW high-performance variant of General Motors’ high-feature V6 that also powers the Holden Commodore and

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SL350 Night Edition: Merc goes matt-black again

A DOZEN more matt-black Mercedes-Benzes will be among 25 examples of the exclusive new SL350 Night Edition roadster to arrive Down Under from July.

The all-black (and, at least for Australia, all-six-cylinder) Night Edition treatment became available across the top-shelf hardtop convertible line-up in Germany from January, priced between

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Wisconsin Moves Closer to Banning Texting While Driving

Wisconsin Moves Closer to Banning Texting While Driving

For most drivers, seeing another person operating a vehicle while impaired can be a frightening experience. But alcohol is not the only thing that can make a driver dangerous. Talking on a cell phone and eating also contribute to driver negligence and now texting can be added to the list.

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Green credentials of EVs questioned

  • Electric cars only as green as electricity supply
  • Nuclear power stations required
  • Traditional car ownership to be replaced

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Fantastic Tips on Offer from Carrentals.co.uk for Fans Visiting South Africa for the World Cup

Carrentals.co.uk has issued a selection of helpful tips on what to do to make a trip to South Africa for the World Cup an enjoyable one.

With so many fans about descend on South Africa for the World Cup, the car rental specialists have released a selection of great tips and hints on how travellers can make their experience a trip of a

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Finding Low Down Payment Auto Insurance as Rates Climb

The number of states raising auto insurance requirements continues to grow and the cost of coverage will likely follow; finding policies with as little down as possible can help cushion the blow from increasing rates. Comparison shopping is the key to locating an insurer that is willing to offer a policy with the lowest start up cost and motorists

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2011 Toyota Sienna Safety Features, Engine Specs, and Review

There are a full dozen trims of the 2011 Toyota Sienna available. This year marks the beginning of the Sienna’s third-generation and it has been comprehensively redesigned. A very wide array of seating configurations, drive types, engines and more are waiting for you now. Competition including the Honda Odyssey, Ford Transit Connect and the Kia

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