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Cadillac And The Mark of Leadership

Cadillac’s new ad campaign, with the tag line “The Mark of Leadership”, has received mixed reviews. Some have questioned the use of the word “mark” because it may evoke a model name long used by luxury competitor Lincoln. Others have said that the mark itself is in question, the Cadillac wreath and crest logo, is

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eBay’s “Auction Insurance Agency” to the Rescue

48375704 eBays Auction Insurance Agency to the Rescue

Like tens of millions of American consumers, I shop formy cars online. I do due diligence; working hard to filter-out fraud and minimize the unavoidable unpredictability inherent to such transactions. My methodology is far from perfect—as my recent experience will attest. In fact, my tale of woe provides a real life example of how the

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Car Dealers Suck

1812742934 Car Dealers Suck

Over the years TTAC has witnessed many skirmishes in the war between those who support car dealers (mostly car salespeople) and those who oppose car dealers (the rest of the known sentient universe). It’s time to put this particular argument to rest. Car dealers suck. Here’s why: buyers never know what kind of deal they got.

It really

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