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Time to Vote!

1680244695 Time to Vote!TTAC’s Best and Brightest have spoken. You provided us with 81 nominations for our Ten Best award, from the Aston Martin Vanquish to the HUMMER H2. From this cornucopia of cars, our ever-eager writers selected the short list of 20 finalists. As you might expect, the final list leans heavily towards vehicles notable for their performance and

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I recently wrote a “where are they now” update for the winners of TTAC’s first annual Ten Worst Automobiles awards. Commentators Cellman and Drew shook their metaphorical heads at our negativity and challenged us to look at the other end of the spectrum. And so TTAC’s Ten Best

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TTACs Ten Best Automobiles 2007

531234142 TTACs Ten Best Automobiles 2007You heeded our call. You nominated the cars you considered the best of the best. Without fear or favor, TTAC’s tenacious tribe of telic keyboard tappers selected twenty vehicles from your list of over a hundred superlative automobiles. You voted for 10 of them, creating our first annual Ten Best Automobiles. The voting was often extremely

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Cast Your Vote Now!

1134663168 Cast Your Vote Now!You’ve made your nominations. At final count, we received over one hundred entries for our Ten Best Automobiles Going (TBAG). They ranged from the sublime (Ferrari F430 drop top) to the ridiculous (I’m not THAT stupid). Twenty-one of our most expert TTAC writers surveyed each and every entry, and then cast their votes from your list. They

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Final Nominations Please!

1248037725 Final Nominations Please!Nominations for the Ten Best Automobiles remain open ‘til midnight tonight (Friday). So far you’ve nominated over 100 praise-worthy (if occasionally dubious) rides. Over the next week, TTAC’s writers will vote on which 20 vehicles deserve your final selection. You, our core of persnickety pistonheads, will then be charged with

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So Far, So Good

2025571029 So Far, So GoodNominations for our Ten Best Automobiles  for 2007 proceed apace. So far, you’ve nominated 96 different new vehicles, from the A3 to the Z4. We thought you might appreciate some fresh cyberspace in which to nominate, elucidate and participate in this automotive love-fest. Nominations are open until midnight (EST) this Friday; feel free

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