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Time to Vote!

859761125 Time to Vote!

It is time. You’ve nominated 136 candidates for The Truth About Cars’ (TTAC) recently rechristened “Ten Worst Automobiles” awards. TTAC’s stable of underpaid and overeducated scribes surveyed the damage and did their duty: they’ve winnowed the roll call of automotive abominations down to the terrible twenty. Now it’s your

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1778570482 UpdateNominations for TTAC’s Ten Worst Automobiles awards continue apace. You, our not-so-gentle readers, are cordially invited to continue submitting your ruminations on these ruinations underneath this post. So far you’ve nominated 118 different vehicles (give or take a few clones). While we’re not keeping track of how many nominations any given car

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Last Day for Nominations

1546398658 Last Day for NominationsAccording to Automotive News, jurors for the 2007 North American Car of the Year and North American Truck of the Year awards are currently considering some 26 vehicles. Yeah, well, 130 vehicles are competing for the 2006 TTAC Ten Worst Automobiles Today (TWAT) awards. And that includes badge-engineered clones which were nominated jointly. And

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TTACs Ten Worst Automobiles Today (TWAT) Award Continued

425025071 TTACs Ten Worst Automobiles Today (TWAT) Award ContinuedThank you for helping The Truth About Cars select the Ten Worst Automobiles Today: The TWAT Awards. We’ve been most gratified by your enthusiastic participation in this important exercise in automotive criticism. Although RF has been busy deleting over-zealous nominations and flame-broiled retaliations, the vast majority of you have made

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Voting Still Open

222794722 Voting Still OpenYou’ve seen the list of TTAC’s Ten Worst nominees and discussed their merits or lack thereof. Our crack team of freelance writers have surveyed your list of losers and narrowed it down, from 119 crapmobiles to 23. (There was a four-way tie for position 20.) Make the jump to savor the list of finalists. And then, the moment of truth. Click

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The Nominees

1574932921 The NomineesThe nominations for TTAC’s Ten Worst Vehicles 2008 are in. All of last year’s winners garnered repeat nominations. In total, there are 121 automobiles that TTAC’s Best and Brightest consider to be the Worst and Dullest. Our capable writing staff (and the rest of them) now has the difficult task of separating the merely bad from the inexcusably

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TTACs Ten Worst Automobiles Today (TWAT) Award

78095774 TTACs Ten Worst Automobiles Today (TWAT) AwardLast month, I wrote an editorial suggesting that Car Of The Year awards were little more than an advertiser-pleasing circle jerk. After sharing my dismay, several diligent readers pointed out that none of the buff books or fraternal orders of automotive junketeers dared name their “worst car of the year.” RF immediately decided to

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The Polls are Now Open!

The Truth About Cars (TTAC) TWAT Award Selection Committee has convened. Fifteen members of our cadre of car critics and commentators carefully considered the full horror of your 131 nominations. They then selected 20 vehicles that deserve your consideration for the final 10 winners/losers. And so, now, we turn to you, our avid devotees and

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Midyear Update

660908177 Midyear UpdateIt’s been a bit over six months since you, our Best and Brightest, picked 2007’s Ten Worst Automobiles. A lot’s happened in the industry since then, not much of it good. SUVs are out and econoboxs are in, gas prices are insane and manufacturers are closing factories and realigning those left. To lighten the mood during these dark days, let’s see

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Six Month Update

1000294407 Six Month UpdateSix months ago, this website published its Ten Worst Automobiles Today (TWAT) awards. While the resulting publicity pretty much killed our access to press cars, it had to be said. As we ready ourselves for readers’ ‘07 TWAT nominations and the eventual awards dinner (yes, you’re invited), let’s see how last year’s “winners” have fared since TTAC

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