The Experience Of Using IPad

What equipment is the IPad? There are many opinions, some people said it has replaced the ebook, some people said it is just iPod magnified, and some even ironically said that iPod Touch is a magnifying glass. Although we do have iPad in hand, you dont have evaluation reports and release evaluation is meaningless things. After several days of use, combined with the previous experience of using the iPad, I share the feelings and views of using the iPad with you. Touching is really an old technology. But the company that apply it best is Apple. Different from smart phone with pens, the screen on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are capacitive touch screens which give feedback by bioelectricity. Most of the traditional are resistive touch screen, and resistive touch screen needs pressure to receive response, which will lead to huge differences in the application, such as capacitive screen only needs fingers. The resistance screen will need writing instrument like a pen, some high-end resistance screen can also respond to finger movements, whose principle remains the pressure sensor, but which has much higher sensitivity.Why the Most Expensive Blackberry Accessories for April are So Strange?

From iPod Touch, the touch technique becomes multi-point touch, you can use two fingers to zoom in and zoom out the pictures, documents and web pages. 10 Reasons for You to Pick Blackberry Accessories This kind of function cant be simply replaced by the single touch technology or mouse. What is the Future of Perfect iPhone Cases ? God Knows! Glancing at APP store, you will find much instrument simulation software, but why does it show in APP store all together? It is certain that the touch technology of iPad doesnt make an essential improvement, compared with iPhone and iPod Touch but users feel quite different. For example, on the iPad, the fingers have much larger activities range, the zooming in twice of operation on the iPhone can be finished once on the iPad. How to classify? Just look at the stance of users. They will use iPad as a book but the netbook cant be used like that.

Gesture decides the gesture range, in fact, the two are not comparable, one is handheld device, and another is laptop or mini desktop equipment. The system in iPad is iPhone OS, which contains the Safari explorer. We can see the MAC and PC version of the Internet explorer, whose biggest character is fast and simple. Because of strong support of the browser, iPhone and iPod Touch become the most popular internet handheld devices, this site has also launched a Soomal for iPhone feture page because these users have a great demand. Compared to the iPhone, iPod screen’s resolution greatens a lot, so the interface of the big screen Safari in some subtle but no great changes, but the experience has completely different. Due to the hardware configuration has improved, the speed of handling page Safari has become faster, it can open more page table, roll screen also become more convenient and fast.

The DPI of iPad is 768*1024. There are pages fit for iPad so we don’t need to design pages for it just like iPhone. As a result, we release the special version for iPad as fast as we can. And this version is suitable for netbooks and PCs with small screens too. Safari supports the function of magnification and minifacation. By double clicks and multi-point control, the pattern magnification can be made repidly. It is convenient even we surf the wide-screen web pages. Besides offline reading, the biggest change of iPad is, iPad has introduced iBook. But this iBook, which is installed alone, and no default installation into system must be completed by the account login of the user, and go APP Store to download. After testing, iBook does not support PDF import, and only supports e-books with epub format. Epub is an open e-book format, which is without fixed layout. Therefore the electronic equipments can rearrange text according to their resolution, and then you can set the parameters such as font size, background color and so on, while PDF cannot do this.

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