The Joys Of Driving

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided to head to the local mall just to walk around
and window shop. When we got to the mall, the traffic for the mall was the worst that I have ever
seen. Almost as soon as we were in the mall parking area, we decided that if we weren’t even able to
find a parking space, there was no way on earth that we would be able to walk around comfortably.
This was the first nice day that the area had seen in a while, so we credited the massive amount of
traffic to this, and then we decided to leave the mall without having ever stepped foot outside of
the car.

We wound up sitting in mall traffic on the mall grounds for the next hour. To put things into
perspective, surrounding the mall is a one mile loop on the mall grounds, off of which, people can
turn into the parking lots for various mall entryways. This is the loop that we sat on. I had never
sat in traffic on this loop before, so the only thing that I could fathom was that there had to have
been some sort of an accident that had happened up ahead. As it turned out, when we arrived at the
other end over an hour later, all of the traffic was backed up due to the incompetence of many of
the drivers regarding knowing how to make a right turn out of the mall parking exit.

What I found was that most of these people were simply distracted beyond recognition because many
of them had carpooled or were on their cell phones. I decided at that very moment that I hated being
on the road with so many other people. How was I supposed to get anything done if the traffic was
like this? How was anyone supposed to be getting anything done when the roads were this backed up?
And with the influx of more and more people to North Carolina and other surrounding areas every day,
traffic problems as well as the rate and frequency of traffic accidents is only bound to go up from

Driving can be fun as long as it is planned out the right way. Know when the peak hours for
traffic back up is for the area that you live in and then make it a point to avoid driving during
those times. Plan your errands so that you accomplish all of them before traffic becomes too
frustrating to drive in. Making little changes like these can greatly affect your attitude about
driving the next time you feel the urge to get out and go somewhere. After all, the last thing that
you want to happen is to get stuck inside your home!

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