The Maintenance And Repair of The Scratches On The Body of Cars

Vehicle maintenance is divided into two types that maintain and restore performance of automotive technology to ensure the car has good usability and reliability. We should note that the use oflaunch x431,lexia3,mb star.It contains a lot of knowledge, timely and correct maintenance will extend the service life of vehicles, safety performance improvement, saving money and also remove many of repairing a car trouble. However, nowadays the “Amendment on behalf of the insurance” idea in the driver ranks still exist, due to lack of security or maintenance of traffic accidents caused by improper happened quite frequently. Therefore, the timely and correct maintenance of vehicles is to extend the service life of vehicles to ensure road safety an important part.

Second, Paul refers to the body bright clean new vehicles derived therefrom, beauty, cleaning, car decoration and cosmetic modification in automotive after-market, the saying goes, buying a car easy to keep a car difficult, from the appearance of a car maintenance to performance, we need to carefully care to a lasting new regular. We must not forget the launch x431 use.Vehicle maintenance shop owners should generally be used in the formal formal product, the automobile market after the current R & D capability and quality of product can have good security, was elected a gold nano-coating, it is nanotechnology R & D center in Taiwan ITRI After six years of exploration and research products developed by and Doctors at the institute so far are still constantly doing all kinds of tests to duplicate a nano-coating to improve the effectiveness of gold.

Inevitable when using the car scratch, we do not have too much tension.Can not easily be ignored car scratches, because the small scratch will be expanded to scratch themselves more influence on the car’s appearance, impact on our face. More seriously, might affect the car’s life. Because relatively deep scratches, if so, there may be a car rusting in a short time.

Our car is like the bride, of course we mind at ease. However, we naturally became frantic and helpless, tension is inevitable, perhaps we will go to 4s shops, and yet we do not have too much confusion, because as long as you could in time find themselves buttoned.Let us introduce some method of car maintenance.The aging body, scars of inspection and maintenance tips: No matter what kind of car will have a large or small scars. Paint marks on the table how much damage? How can I fix? Must consider the proper disposal methods. If it is not very visible scars, the smart way is simply to do not worry about it.

Wear scar repair and maintenance tips: all the cars have scratches, the best way to repair wounds and body parts fill the same coating agent. Coating agent can be coated once, twice, three times more the number, the more will be clean and painted. But the whole body of uniform treatment is also important.

Repair and maintenance tips for small injuries if the body found in wounds, first check the extent of injuries. Also note that lexia3 role.If the table is very shallow scratch paint, and immediately deal with the mixture, wipe clean the straight line method. Scar disappears, wipe with a finer mixture of wax after the call back.

Scratches, paint peeling off the table repair and maintenance tips: deep scars, with emphasis on observation of whether the exposed metal surface, if not see the metal surface will not rust, you can concentrate on painted varnish. Place with the pen up bit by bit, and then other paint completely dry.

Deep wounds of the repair and maintenance tips: deep scars, but slender, with colored putty to repair well. Wounds Department with sandpaper, it should not be wound surface to expand, it is important to clean and stain removal. Apply putty to be careful so that full access to the interior. Finally coated mixture, waxing, finishing work.

Depression repair and maintenance tips: Depression treatment is maintenance of the body one of the most troublesome, it is important to lay a good foundation, if this step is done, no matter how well results are poor coating. Painting, do not forget the newspaper cover a good four weeks, so that paint will not spread to the surrounding.

Rust Strategy tips: find rust immediately after the address, if left unchecked, rust will gradually expand. To prevent rust is to wipe with sandpaper, or to make changes in the chemical synthesis of rust agent. Different depending on the circumstances, were used.

Leakage countermeasures tips: doors, trunk water around the pasted section off easily distorted. But if there is no rupture, deformation, can be used again, simply re-paste it, you can prevent water leakage. Protective agent used to restore the elasticity of rubber itself is also important.

Bumper wound repair and maintenance tips: insurance carry the scars treatment method is to burr slashing, potholes some colored putty to make it smooth. Special putty, prepared a variety of colors, choose the closest color. In addition, mb star detection is very important. And body-colored bumper, paint is very important.

Oil and maintenance tips: too much too little oil will affect the volume of the engine, the ideal amount of oil is close to the upper limit of the site scale. Supplement with oil, as far as possible to prepare and use the same level of oil products. Be careful not to splash around the engine, tested once a month.

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