Today in Car News: Murano Convertible, Paris Auto Show and HEMI

614970130 Today in Car News: Murano Convertible, Paris Auto Show and HEMI

2011 Nissan Murano

We told you about it a year ago–and today, Nissan confirms you’ll see a Murano convertible at the L.A. Auto Show. Let the head-scratching begin.

A Chevy Cruze hatchback at the Paris auto show? Count us in. Especially if there will be baguettes.

The Honda Fit Hybrid’s also due at the Paris show, but sadly, American buyers will not be gifted with a heavier, more expensive Fit.

The VW Amarok–’s favorite whipping boy–will not come to the U.S., either.

The Chevrolet Suburban celebrates 75 years of existence this year. Anyone have a guesstimate on the gross tonnage pulled over the years?

The 2011 Dodge Challenger is wandering around Detroit, essentially naked. A 480-hp HEMI underhood still doesn’t give it enough speed to evade local reporters. Either that, or a convenient anonymous tip was planted.

New GM marketing VP Joel Ewanick says the Chevy Silverado’s going to play up the big-truck family feud. We’re not sure if he’s playing Richard Dawson, but we think the Honda Ridgeline is eagerly awaiting its welcome kiss.

Spyker’s already in deep financial trouble with its Saab acquisition. And now back to the news.

Americans love hope and change–and they’re actually following the progress of electric cars, even if they don’t expect to buy one.

Lastly, a pointed lesson on how cadaver research has made cars safer. Plus, some ugly photos. Read up, but not over lunch.


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