Today in Car News: Subaru, Land Yachts, Electric Cars and MJ

1514039020 Today in Car News: Subaru, Land Yachts, Electric Cars and MJ

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

The other New York newspaper thinks land yachts have hit a new sales stride–but does an S-Class really count?

The EPA wants to give cars a letter grade for fuel economy, but a survey suggests people won’t understand how to compare cars any better with new grades.

Car sales may be experiencing a meaningful boost in September–though it’s likely they’re still down from August.

Subaru has developed its first new flat four-cylinder engine in more than a decade. More torque and more power are on tap.

Mitsubishi swears they’re in the U.S. market to stay–and they’d also like to quadruple their sales here in a few short years.

Renault and Nissan are scaling up their broad alliance. Compact cars are already global; mid-size cars and crossovers are next.

Toyota’s new electric-car plan includes a compact EV coming in 2012. The catch: you’ll have to buy, own and drive it in China. And it won’t have a Toyota badge.

Can solar-powered road signs help fix the power grid and stave off road death, too?

Chrysler’s looking into allegations that some Grand Cherokee plant workers are drinking and toking on the job. Are those UAW concessions or what?

Finally today, Michael Jackson may still be alive. And living in Los Angeles. And driving a Toyota Previa. Which of the three things is most existentially awful?

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