Toyota customers can’t get enough of the Camry

Toyota dealers, NY to the west coast, have seen an increase in 2010 Camry demands. The demand comes at an opportune time all Toyota dealerships, of new and used cars, NJ to Texas, are hoping the recall nightmares are officially over and dealers can get back to selling quality Toyota vehicles.
Sales of many Toyota models have be on the rise as of late, and the company has reported a $1.1 billion operating profit after the April June period of the current fiscal year. This success can partly be attributed to the increased sales of the 2010 Toyota Camry. Up 2.8 percent from the first seven months of the 2009 fiscal year, 190,000 units have already been sold in the 2010 fiscal year to date.
The popularity of this vehicle is not hard to understand. Aesthetically, the sedan offers nice, yet calm, curves for an over-all professional and established look. The 2010 version has experienced only moderate updates in shaping, including a new front grille and front air dam that have a slightly more intense look than their 2009 counterparts. The headlights also received a small dose of Botox, as they are the slightest bit larger. In addition, the tail lamps have been restyled to a slightly larger and bolder appearance. All changes, however, are subtle.
Standard as always are power windows and doors, air conditioning, steering wheel-mounted audio controls, 16-inch wheels, traction control, cruise control, and electronic stability control which, for peace of mind, recent recall investigations are finding never had any design flaws. The base model of the 2010 Camry starts at just $21,295.
Toyota dealers, NY to San Francisco, can attest to the quality and popularity of the new 2010 Camry. The vehicle has been sold more times than all other cars available on the market. And its really not hard to figure out why. In addition to the desirable features mentioned above, the Camry also offers a nice amount of space for a family or for a single looking for a more mature ride.
The front, as always, is suitable space wise for both driver and passenger. The rear-seat, however, offers 37.8 inches of headroom and significant legroom as well. The middle seats space is not compromised either, which often happens in the back middle seat of sedans. In addition, the trunk offers 15 cubic feet of storage plenty for the weekend luggage of five adults comfortably placed inside the vehicle. On the road, the Camry is large enough to hold its own, measuring in at 15.8 feet long.
Finally, the Camry comes with a four-cylinder engine, which has improved horsepower up to 169 in the current years model. In addition, when speaking about 2009 Camry used cars, NJ drivers know only to expect about 25 miles-per-gallon when combining both city and highway driving. However, the 2010 Camry model has added 1 mile-per-gallon to the government-required ratings. A small improvement yes, but an improvement nevertheless.
With the 2010 Camry, it is clear that Toyota has weathered the recall attacks and is quickly working its way back to the top of the auto-manufacturing chain. The ability to succeed in the face of such adversity is a true testament to the greatness of this automobile company.

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