Useful methods to use the auto battery correctly

Now, the car battery used in most dry-charged batteries.The advantage is under the circumstances that after adding the electrolyte without charge within 30 to 40 minutes can make car boot. some friends do not understand the principle of maintenance, so that battery life is much shorter.How do the correct choice and use of batteries?

1, When buy a battery, identify the letters on the battery, all with “qa” letters on the batteries are the dry-charged batteries.

2, When added to the electrolyte into the canon eos-1d battery, electrolyte should shaking, and note the electrolyte should not be splashing in the hands and clothes.

3, The battery with no sign of mark line, add the electrolyte higher than the plate from 10 to 15 mm. The battery with two red lines, Electrolyte shall not exceed the red line on top.

4, During daily traffic,you should always check the holes in the battery cover which are well ventilated. if the battery cover holes blocked, tProduce hydrogen and oxygen emission can not be ruled out.Electrolyte expands and bursting battery case, thus reducing battery life

5, Always check the electrolyte fluid levels, and promptly added electrolyte. In the winter, during add additional fluid inside the’d better add studio xps 16 battery it after starting in the car and engine order to avoid electrolyte freezing.

6, If long-term without using the car. the car should be mobilized every 25 days or so. Medium speed hand throttle control about 20 minutes, Otherwise up too long, the car will not start.

7, Remove the battery from the car, they would first split negative, then split anode, when fitted to the contrary. Must take battery cover screw when charge the battery, the hand can not be used with open flame close to charging the battery port, because charging the battery will generate hydrogen,and it is easy to knock, and damage battery, the electrolyte will hurt you also.

8, It should not replace a large capacity car battery than the original battery, because the car’s power generation capacity is fixed and will not increase capacity.If replace a large capacity battery and a new battery will charge less than full power, vehicles can not successfully start, long-term deficit power bp-827 battery will worse faster.

9, Every time you start the car no more than 3-5 seconds, intervals of not less than 15 seconds if start again. If not start a car after multiple switch on, check the starting circuit, ignition circuit and the other to find a cause

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